A Messiah Who Could Be The Antichrist: Something Coming, a New Age Thriller by J.M. DeBord

The controversial novel that brings to life a notorious king, Antiochus Epiphanes, is released as an ebook starting at only 2.99: Something Coming, a New Age Thriller, by author J.M. DeBord.
The cover of Book One: The Sacred Mountain
The cover of Book One: The Sacred Mountain
June 30, 2010 - PRLog -- San Francisco, CA – Author J.M. DeBord announces the release of the ebook edition of Something Coming: a New Age Thriller, about the rise of a powerful figure who could be a world savior, or the Antichrist. Priced at $2.99 for Book One: The Sacred Mountain, the novel paints in chilling detail an unpredictable second coming scenario that is tied intimately to history and prophecy.

Fans of Christian eschatology will recognize Antiochus as the Greek King who sacked the Jerusalem Temple more than 2,000 years ago, and sacrificed a pig to Zeus on their holiest altar. This event, called the Abomination of Desolation by the prophet Daniel, led to a bloody Jewish rebellion and the retaking of the Temple led by Judas Maccabeus, commemorated in the Hanukkah holiday.

In Something Coming, Antiochus is a spirit beneath Mt. Nemrut, Turkey, in a chamber where his reach and power are almost omniscient. He awakens reincarnated souls from his past to return him to life in his own flesh, but old enemies remember him too. Evangelicals and religious Jews suspect deception by the Antichrist as the world embraces a way to peace, led by a peacemaker pushing a universal religion founded at Mt. Nemrut.

No one knows for sure the true meaning behind the miraculous events, or the signs that precede his Second Coming. Only Antiochus knows his true intent. With his genius he could solve the world's problems simply by wanting to, but his ego is as limitless as his brilliance and could be his downfall. Has he really learned from his mistakes how to lead the world out of its perils, or is he the same ruler who ordered ghastly executions and almost changed world history by wiping out Judaism before the time of Jesus?

In the end, Israel will stand alone against the armies of the world, just as the prophecies predict.

Something Coming is sure to generate debate about the meaning of second coming prophecy and its importance in modern religion. Rather than an event as commonly understood, the Second Coming is presented as a process fueled by devotion and belief. Antiochus feeds off the energy and transforms himself into a commanding figure who can be both Messiah and Antichrist, with scripture and prophecy to back both interpretations.

The author intended to write a story that exposes the true evil of our world, how to identify it personally and collectively, while also entertaining readers of general fiction who enjoy rich characters and thrilling plot turns. With nods to the mystical and paranormal, and themes of personal spiritual experience and New Age religion, this two-book novel - 511 pages in print - sets a new standard for visionary fiction.

ISBN 978-1-4524-5486-3
Publisher: J.M. DeBord


A Midwest native currently in San Francisco, but who regularly travels the country, J.M. DeBord began publishing in college, rising to senior reporter and sports editor for his college newspaper - The News Record - before graduating with a political science degree and starting an Internet music promotion company. His publishing continued with a local weekly, The Citizen, as a political columnist, and at his website. During the decade of creating Something Coming, the author also worked as a Pilates and fitness instructor at a federal research institute.


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***J.M. DeBord is available for interview, an expert on the subject of Second Coming prophecy and dream interpretation. Use the contact email.***


-- "Captures the current global zeitgeist."
-- "Brilliant, exciting, fun!"
-- "A real page-turner!"
-- "I love this book and look forward to J.M. DeBord's next offering."
-- "The characters are richly drawn and have your heart aching through their epic struggles and triumphs."
-- "A must-read for people who love to explore philosophies and ideologies in totally absorbing fiction."

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