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Many of these titles have been published on various platforms over the years. Others remained loyal to the computer for the duration or the mechanics of the game. We will never forget these old time classic pc games of the year 1980's.
June 23, 2010 - PRLog -- For those that loyalty is innate and entertainment at the heart of our work at home to think happy is PCGameTrek the Top 10 PC Games of 80s to present. I can say that We will never forget these old time classic pc games of the year 1980's.

1) Carnival World Cup Game PC (Artic Software - 1986): The most beautiful sport in the world. Football nostalgia came over me as I write these lines. Perhaps it is because 2010 is the year of the World Cup, perhaps because my best goals, and was a stage not really know. Most importantly, this carnival of emotions brilliantly and entertaining way. With teams of seven players (very similar) gave us a good dose of passion game crowds. Then came a series of simulations to be confused with reality, if one is not aware of (Cristiano Ronaldo is really a doll or Winning Eleven? Oh, the same!). The best team in the World Cup would be happy to increase by an entire country. A question ... So much for the World Cup? "

2) PC game Digger (Windmill Software Inc. - 1983)
In the search for the treasure! Some accuse him of being a copy of Bomberman and more an arcade game called Mr. Do these years, but we can not deny that we have fun for hours. Maybe we think it is inspired by the intrepid Unabomber, but we all know the words ... It's all! Buried Alive, our hero must be moved the right direction in search of lost treasures underground. In the vertical or horizontal faster than our opponents in this fight will survive. It is time to endanger our lives ... For a handful of gold coins!

3) PC game Commando (Capcom - 1985): one man against an entire army! Multi-platform game in a vertical scroll does not send a bloodthirsty enemies, was shot Command continuously assessed from first to last. A helicopter brought us into the jungle and fought with us to our fate. Near the metaphor of human existence ... We are only against the world! Super Joe a genuine war hero with a gun (unlimited ammo, God was you), we can be thrown to come to the front within eight points of the eye and a small fee grenades can, but he was able to group all the soldiers for his rivals . kill Continuation of the official cowardly flight in fear!

4) PC game Prince of Persia (Broderbund Software - 1989):

The Sultan, who knows how to jump it. Using a process called rotoscoping, Mechner Jordan captured the movements of his brother, dressed in white. It took almost an anatomy of a major title in the platform genre. I know people do not know what I mean, if the name of the Prince of Persia. A game whose first title was simply wonderful. Herbst, cornices, enemies with swords, a scene full of dangers that cause each step. His smooth animation was the basis for the motion-capture technology resources today. The first phase of the 80 who died eternally vibrating chip capacitors, and our home computer. We now have the 2010 version of the game Prince of Persia PC.

5) One after the other kind (Electronic - 1983): The genius of basketball. Two athletes from the will of Larry Bird and Dr. Julius Ervin earned a game exclusively for them. A fight in a combat zone was half basketball court. With the referee and the sanctions which forced us to meet the requirements, our stars shone with double and triple and magical quality. Against another person or against the same machine, one after the other is a game where the challenges were on the agenda. Limited in time or by the height of the line, someone has the winner of this competition. Absolutely everyone, the title that the ring wiping welcomes explodes into a thousand pieces, for a man who had from the remnants of our great dunk won. Volume three ... and write

6) Fahrenheit 451 (PC Review) (Telarium - 1986): The future has arrived (so long ago). Outsiders are prohibited to read books. We think inspire the freedom to fly. Only a burning heat authoritarian world will not lose its power. The reason here, "Fahrenheit 451" goes on the recognition that another person (other) literary genius of Ray Bradbury. The main reason is that the title of this adventure, using mechanisms already known and developed before the adventure games developed by the creators of this futuristic universe as a possible sequel to his book recognized. "With quality and compliance is one of the best adaptations considered. Congratulations.

7) Friday, 1913 PC Game (Domark - 1985): A Day to Remember. If you have a list of the best games of films 13 reported Friday and is an opportunity to him the recognition he deserves. The author of this note acknowledges that trembled with the fear for the display of his brother opened the door on terror as a surprise. That sounds impressive, these screens full of blood ... Where? What is in this dark place? Those who remain alive in this story? A group of innocent and colorful graphics, which would chill the blood of horror. When we stay at home when the agenda for Friday, 13.

8) Where is Carmen Sandiego? (Broderbund Software - 1983): The mysterious woman has taste. The sexiest and elusive thief of all time urged us to a place in the world to find by testing our knowledge of the culture in general. "Flag of that country's red, yellow and green?" Where the hell is Reykjavik? Geography and history, then math and English are the questions that we keep the conflict. The proof of an order before they left to our mission was over. One false step, and all our work was for nothing. Then he gets angry and comical adventures that led the literary life. Do not be seduced by it (that is to steal something.)

9) PC game SimCity (Maxis - 1989): The whole company in the PC gaming world, we have a strategy before and after the genius of Will Wright us this work of art social simulation. The first of a franchise, what the genre to a level of excellence, we would like titles and jewelry SimFarm SimCopter Profile of The Sims and Spore, SimCity is an important link in the evolutionary chain of PC games. How to manage the resources of the entire population? What will help trade, the development of urban areas within my domain? We need more goods and services? More residential, commercial or industrial secrets? How are you? Strategic planning in his first.

10) Maniac Mansion (Lucasfilm - 1987): The House of crazy cute. It was renamed LucasArts has given us many of the best digital works of all time. Maniac Mansion is one of the best three games of the 80s, probably because it is impossible for a single click of this type creates both feelings. Humor, excitement, unique characters (some fear), and they end up on another adventure games of all parents who came later, looking to do for fame. And it does not mention his brilliant suite of Day of the Tentacle, half very, very espcetacular like Godfather 2 or Terminator 2 for their first game. Thank you and enjoy do not forget the secrets of history.
Many of these titles have been published on various platforms over the years. Others remained loyal to the computer for the duration or the mechanics of the game, but they all left an indelible impression on our screens and especially in our hearts to adrenaline junkies Digital. This time I ask this question directly, what do you think of the best PC games of the 80s?

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