Holiday Alternatives: Save Money With A Home Exchange

Why home exchange can offer an inexpensive alternative to traditional holidays.
June 16, 2010 - PRLog -- If the cost of a holiday is putting you off travelling this year, then try home exchange, the increasingly popular holiday phenomenon which saves significant amounts of money.

The advent of cheap flights over the past decade means that many people have become accustomed to multiple overseas holidays each year.  The recent global recession has meant that many of these people are realising that they can use their assets – their main and second homes – to help maintain this standard of living.  Exchanging homes helps save money on vacations by eliminating the cost of holiday accommodation.

A few minutes spent searching on a leading travel website can show just how significant these savings can be.  Accommodation alone can range from £1000 - £2000 for a family of four to stay in a three star hotel for a week in the Florida Keys or in Cape Town.

Home exchanging has spread across the world with companies such as Homes-Club International, a global home exchange network covering over 25 countries, becoming more popular. Dianne Stewart, Managing Director of Homes-Club, says that “People all over the world are discovering that home exchange is a great way to “sweat our assets” – ie make our homes work for us.  Home exchange also gives an insight into local ways of living and offers the chance to experience places which may not otherwise be affordable.”

Home exchange isn’t only for visiting other countries.  Many people are interested in staying closer to home and exchanging with someone within their own country. This option means that you could save money on travel costs as well as accommodation, as expensive flights aren’t necessary.

Dianne also pointed out that “Not only do home exchanges save you money on your holiday costs, but your home isn’t sitting empty while you’re away.  Most insurance companies like exchanges, as they prefer to have homes occupied.”

Many people enjoy home exchanges because they are more personal than a ‘traditional’ holiday.  There is none of the formality of hotels and many exchange partners stay in touch afterwards – both as friends and repeat exchangers.

Quality home exchange companies provide a password-protected database and, as initial contact is usually done through the website, contact information should not be displayed.  The organisations act as introducers, and the exchanges are then negotiated directly between the individuals.  Homes-Club International ( enables people with current or past links with independent schools to exchange with each other, and a minimum of home information is shown on the open internet to non-members.

For further information please contact Sophie Carter or Sandra Wright:
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Homes-Club International is a home exchange network which helps current and past parents, pupils, staff and governors of independent schools to exchange their main or second home with like-minded people around the world.

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