Mazda 6 dvd gps navigation Installlation Precaution

Mazda 6 dvd gps navigation Installlation Precaution
May 31, 2010 - PRLog -- Mazda 6 dvd gps navigation Installlation Precaution

1.  For the decorative article on both sides of air exit, the paint of it is easily drop off and it  
   may leave the pry mark. Please note the air outlet in the middle can be pulled out.  
2.  Pay attention to the decoration on both sides when prying the air conditioner console  
  components through the small hole besides the air conditioner turn‐knob. Make sure not  to press them, or they may leave scars or the paint map drop off.  
3. When installing new navigation unit, please kindly note that the decoration article on  
   both sides could leave the scars easily.  
4. There are large space of the back board of the original audio system. Make sure it is  
  correct to pack and fix the wiring at back of the head unit, or it may arise screen shake  
  and make noisy easily  
5.  Pay attention to the wiring when put the Ipod wire and USB flash in the glove box, and  
   makesure not to effect the power switch function

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