Prince of Persia 2010 PC Game Analysis - The Forgotten Sands

Prince of Persia: The Sands Forgotten has nothing to do with the film itself, but returns to the trilogy of the Sands of Time, which we thought had ended with the reimagining of the franchise in 2008.
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May 21, 2010 - PRLog -- With the release of the film just a few days, Ubisoft is preparing to launch the game to accompany this release. While not confirmed that they will return to another title, this new game will be a return only to connect the first game with the sequel ... and make lots of money with the film.

Each day that passes we are closer to the premiere of the new film from producer Jerry Bruckheimer, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, based on the hit video game series developed by Jordan Mechner. And how could it be otherwise, Ubisoft would not miss the opportunity to launch another game similar to film. However, we acknowledge that this is not a game of the movie, but a missing chapter in the trilogy of the sands of time, one that began with Prince of Persia and The Sands of Time in 2003. And if you're still wondering what happened to the resumption of the series in 2008, perhaps we can see how the story continues in some years, but nothing is confirmed, because sales were less than expected. Original detailed review of Prince of Persia 2010:

The new trailer, you can see below, is entirely done in CG (Computer Generated) and shows nothing of the gameplay, but besides being very beautiful, explains a little of what the story. The Forgotten Sands occurs after the first, but before the second, Warrior Within, when the prince has a much darker appearance and less "jovial." According to them, between these two games there is a gap of seven years, which will lead to many events that do change in such manner. According to the story of this new game, after the end of the first game, the Prince decides to go to his brother's kingdom which is under attack and on the brink of total annihilation. Its mission is to save, while becoming a leader and finding a power even greater than that of the sands.

When they announced the game said they would return to the roots, which means we will not have a companion, as in the new series, and the fight will be with many enemies instead of one at a time. If you find the side of those who felt that the last game was played almost alone, then they will be excellent news. The basic mechanics are the same as ever, like being able to climb almost anywhere, walk through walls and go back in time when you make a mistake.

The battle, on the other hand, will the mechanics of the trilogy with more than 50 enemies on screen. Unlike the last game, where the key was to press the buttons indicated at the right time, The Forgotten Sands will take a more traditional route, with combos and the ability to jump on enemies to dodge their attacks. This is a battle much more dependent on pressing buttons like mad to accuracy, yet is a strong indication that the developers want to return to the formulas that work, instead of trying something new that may fail.

However, not all will be identical to the old trilogy, since there will be new powers that will change slightly the experience. The prince can now use water to solidify the sequences of platforms. For example, if a wall is a source of water, to solidify can use it to go further. In this way, you have control over the four elements, either to move on stage or to make the fight even more varied. But although it has been confirmed to take power over the four elements, have not said specifically how they can use each of them. At the top you can see a video which they detail how the elements could be used during combat. Obviously we are not talking about anything revolutionary.

Here we discuss in detail the versions for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 ( and PC, but The Forgotten Sands will also have different versions for Nintendo Wii, DS and PSP, which have very little talking. But despite the few details we know it is very different games with different mechanical and stories. Either way, fans will be happy to return the old prince, who handed back the prestige to the franchise, after several unsuccessful attempts when the 3D was in its infancy. All titles will be released simultaneously with the premiere of the film, on May 20, except for the PC version due out in June.

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