Top 10: Best games set in World War II

The Second World War was the event of history's most prolific for the gaming industry. Two distinct sides, a very wellknown villain and untold amounts of violence and death it became the single most used for creating adventures in the digital world.
By: PC Gaming UK Magazine - 2010
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May 21, 2010 - PRLog -- With almost 200 titles that have a thousand different ways as it defeated the Nazis, presents a list of top 10 games set in WWII.

10) Silent Hunter 3 (Ubisoft - 2005): Risk underwater. The third installment of submarine combat simulation puts us on the side of the Kriegsmarine German fleet during the last Battle of the Atlantic. The game we assigned a given area of ocean patrol which we were careful with our ship which could be improved over the game and the addition of points. With virtually every vehicle at our disposal, Silent Hunter plunged us (never better) in a claustrophobic experience unsafe, based on how good you have always been the Germanic troops under water (do not know how difficult it is to catch a fish in Germany). The silent hunter always on the lookout, as the shark, but you know it, you sink into the abyss.

9) The Saboteur (Pandemic Studios - 2009): Revenge in black and white. Although reasons were not wanting to disrupt the machinery devoted to National Socialist Irish racecar driver Sean Devlin takes his desire to avenge the death of his family and his friend Jules for, by the way, do something good for mankind. The evil Nazi Col. Kurt Dierker concentrated all their hatred of the Grand Prix winner, starring a game that took advantage of a general historical context to tell a particular story.

8) Sniper Elite (Rebellion - 2005): Where to put the eye, put the bullet. What better way to stop nuclear development Nazi hosting a bullet between the eyes of your enemies? In 1945, very nearly the war ended, however, the danger of humanity was still latent. It was the key moment for the American sniper Fairburn Karl held his breath, aim well and pull the trigger of freedom. Celebrating each success as if it were a goal from Messi, Sniper Elite let us be part of the OSS secret organization to give us an unforgettable cinematic series in which we saw as we shot through the air, slowly, enjoying every metro, to impact sites weakest and most lethal of the human body.

7) Brothers In Arms: Road to Hill 30 (Gearbox Software - 2005): A story of life. No, we're not talking about the fifth album by Dire Straits, we refer to a title that we went to our computer a true story full of violence and terror, with a touch uncommon in the tactical FPS genre. A game in which we witness what happened in Chicago Operation of the third squadron of the Third Battalion F Company "FOX" of the 101st Airborne Army of the United States. Being on stage, the characters and what made recreations of what happened in this battle, Brothers In Arms raised the level of realism to a level never seen before. Live World War II first-person reminds us of one thing ... Where is my mother?

6) Company of Heroes (Relic Entertainment - 2006): Every move can be the last. The strategy genre was also able to find their place recreating episodes of WWII. Points, fuel and ammunition, the three keys of a benchmark for real-time strategy. It remains striking that, unlike many strategy games where we conduct orcs, aliens or ancient armies, all these battles took place very recently, with strategists who really planned the movement of each of its troops. How would these men with current models that we have so much fun? "They would have liked holding them during the war? Will we have a unique tool in our battle hard drive? My God! If the fate of humanity was in my hands would not know what to do about a surprise attack by the Zerg or Protoss!

5) Battlefield 1942 (Digital Illusions CE - 2002): Which side do you want to be? This war simulation game presented us the possibility to choose the side we wanted to fight. A good opportunity to understand the different movements from the Axis powers (Germany and Japan) or the Allies (U.S., UK and USSR). Criticized for its historical wrongs and treachery of their bots, but with entrees such as vehicle handling and choice of five different classes of soldiers (Doctors, Engineers, Assault Soldiers, Soldier tank and Explorers), Battlefield 1942 introduced new sensations it off a little of the leitmotif of violence that pervades the games set in this historical period. Subtract points for the counter, the only way we will win the war! If chipped in from long range to one ... Is it worth three as in basketball?

4) Commandos (Pyro Studios - 1998): "Coming, sir!", "I can not, sir!", "Are you crazy?" Are easily three of the most memorable phrases in the history of video games. When you think of Commandos think one of those different games that are out of line. It is not a normal franchise, is a genius of real-time strategy. Evading guards with stealth, quietly so as not remove suspicion, camouflage clothes to infiltrate enemy lines, all within an explosive cocktail, with amazing gameplay and graphics quality rarely seen. Paying attention to detail was the key. Unique characters with special skills and teamwork transformed it into a solid game, delicate and funny at the time. With gems like this and the PC Football, King Juan Carlos can sleep peacefully.

3) Call of Duty 2 (Activision - 2005): All for one and one for all. The second part of the series Call of Duty said the potential of what this series promised to be. Covering the last years of the war from the American troops, Soviet and British, Call of Duty 2 was a show of realism rarely seen. Four campaigns allow us to be part of the different armies, unable to give orders to any of our partners, but giving us the feeling of complete immersion within the group. Like all those who play Call of Duty we know, the important thing is to keep our huge energy bar with life, but surrender to the experience of fighting in company, to be assisted by the other, to be part of a group united only will be victorious. The call of honor at its best. Fear not, friend, critics collapse under their own weight.
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2) Wolfenstein 3D (id Software - 1992): And the Nazis never slept alone. A castle of Nazis and a gun full of ammunition was all that our friend William J. Blazkowicz needed to make us vibrate for hours looking at stone labyrinths boss tiny mustache (think of that horrendous character really existed, right?). A First Person Shooter (FPS) which marked the footprint of the road for an entire genre so acclaimed that undoubtedly owes its popularity to gems such as this avenger of WWII. "There's an enemy loose in the bunker, Herr Fuhrer!" Was heard in the corridors. Without a doubt, should be among the top three games set in World War II. Do not you think so? Willy, take care of it!

1) Medal of Honor: Allied Assault (Dreamworks Interactive - 1999): The tragic beauty. Once I was sick, had a line of foot and my parents forced me to stay at home to doing. Good thing I had in my hands a copy of MoH: Allied Assault. I turned on the computer, I was surprised to see the teacher Steven Spielberg among the titles and started playing. That night I could not sleep. Flipped with explosions, gunfire and screams while my forehead was sweating and my body temperature was flying. The next day I wake up feeling refreshed and returned to play the Normandy invasion, on "D" played masterfully in Allied Assault. That day could not sleep. Medal of Honor is, was and is one of the finest franchise a player can enjoy.

And so, gentlemen, we ( have finished reviewing the top ten games set in World War II. As a final thought we could say that the whole world had ever wished that these games exist, they reflect a dark age of mankind ... But as addicted to video games that we just want more and more titles come out and have fun! What about you? What you think of the best games set in World War II?

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