Software To Calculate Aspects Between Planets

A program for anyone interested in the angular relations that the Sun and the planets form with each other, or with the planets at the time of one's birth.
May 12, 2010 - PRLog -- Hermetic Systems has released an enhanced version of its Windows software, 'Planetary Aspects and Transits', for calculating aspects (conjunction, square, trine, etc.) between the Sun and the planets (Mercury to Pluto) at a given date and time.  Graphical and dynamic displays are supported, so you can see how the planetary aspects change from day to day, or week to week.  

Two birthdates can be specified, and the software calculates and displays natal charts for each and synastry between them, and also calculates personal transits for each birthdate for a given date (so you can find out which planets are currently transiting planets in your natal chart, and for how long).

The program also identifies aspect patterns, such as grand trines and T-squares, and allows you to discover how long they last (e.g., when does a particular grand trine begin and end)?

An introduction to 'Planetary Aspects and Transits' can be read at and the user manual (with graphical examples of various aspects) is at:

The software is intended to complement the book "Cosmos and Psyche" by Richard Tarnas, wherein he provides many examples of aspects between the planets which are reflected in world events or in the lives or influential people.

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About Hermetic Systems: Developer and publisher of over 20 Windows programs in diverse fields, including word/phrase-counting, keywords meta tag generation, file and email encryption, secure file/disk wipe, lunar and solar calendar date conversion, and more.

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