6 Reasons Why Clients Chose DigitPlace For All Their Logo Digitizing Needs

Professional staff, low cost digitizing, fast turnaround, free estimates, free edits, and great customer support are 6 reasons why clients turn to DigitPlace for all their logo and embroidery digitizing needs.
May 10, 2010 - PRLog -- There are so many companies offering cheap embroidery digitizing with so many freebies included. One has to read and research and choose the service that is patterned to their digitizing needs. DigitPlace http://www.digitplace.com is one company that offers client-friendly digitizing service options. Whether the client is an individual or a small business, there is a service package and a paying option that would work best for their needs. If the client cannot gauge which service package is best suited for their work requirement then they can avail of the free estimates that the company gives.

DigitPlace remains in the forefront of the embroidery digitizing industry for 6 simple reasons:

Professional Staff
The staff has been trained with the technical knowledge of digitizing or converting the artwork to stitches. Highly-skilled in this process, they have also received a thorough training on fabrics and textile giving them the knowledge on which digitizing works best on what fabric or textile.

Low Cost Digitizing
DigitPlace has 4 digitizing service packages and pricing options to choose from which are based on the amount of work needed or the number of stitches. The following options are:
    • $3.99 per 1000 stitches
    • $2.99 per thousand stitches (10 logos per month minimum)
    • $1.99 per thousand stitches (20 logos per month minimum)
    • Hire a digitizer for a month.

The cost of embroidery digitizing with DigitPlace is comparably lower than other companies. Also, no company has deemed it necessary to base pricing options on the clients’ workload needs which they have done.

Rapid Delivery
DigitPlace http://www.digitplace.com/aboutus.htm  knows that the digitizing work is very precise and demanding and that clients expect all these in the shortest time possible. And so they have highly-skilled digitizers able to convert artwork to stitches in the fastest time possible of 8 hours along with experienced customer service staff to easily communicate with customers about their needs and the results. Critical in the fastest turnaround time of 8 hours would be the complete and detailed instructions of the client.

Free Estimate
Not all clients know what they need or the amount of work needed for a simple or intricate logo. They need the help of those knowledgeable in the work to give them an honest quote on what the requirements are. With DigitPlace, clients can send their design files and they will be given their free estimates.

Customer Service and Support
Clients can easily have a discussion with any of the staff if they have further questions. Lines are always open for communication both by phone, email and on live chat support. The customer service team is not only highly-trained and knowledgeable regarding the services and products but also can easily grasp and understand what the clients need and explain to them what needs to be done. DigitPlace have also realized and believes that relationship with customers does not end with the free estimates or as soon as the results are sent but until the finished product of the clients has been produced.

Free of Charge Editing
Satisfaction guaranteed is what DigitPlace aims for in every interaction with clients. And though they stand by their work they also believe that in case there is a need to change or edit anything in the digitized artwork then they will be agreeable and prepared to make necessary revisions free of charge until clients are fully satisfied. Revisions are but few since technical and design aspects are checked and double-checked before the finale digitized file is sent to clients.

For more information on cheap embroidery digitizing service, please visit http://www.digitplace.com/ or call 1-866-969-4763

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Digit Place has been providing professional custom logo digitizing services to its clients for almost a decade. DigitPlace pays close attention to details important to clients – quality, turnaround time, price structure and great customer service.
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