Lemon Detox Diet Recipe: Tips and Ingredients

The Lemonade detox diet recipe is known to be a very effective detox and cleanser however the success rate for completion is not good! Why? You should know this about the Master Cleanse diet...
By: Marcus Thiery
May 4, 2010 - PRLog -- The lemonade detox diet recipe (aka lemon juice maple syrup diet aka Master Cleanse Diet) was first published in 1976 by Stanley Burroughs. Created as a detox body cleanse it has achieved recent fame as a weight loss diet.

Because the lemon maple syrup diet is mostly a fasting diet  the only form of nutrition is the lemon juice and maple syrup. No other foods are allowed during the 10 days.
The diet is notoriously tough during the first 3 days and for this reason some permissible snacks and cheats have been created...

Nowadays a very large number of people are slowly poisoning themselves with unhealthy lifestyles and diets full of toxins. We are essentially cutting years from our lives and, in a large way, functioning at reduced levels of energy and enthusiasm.

The lemon juice maple syrup diet attracts a lot of rave reviews (from those who manage to complete it), some of the positive feedback is about how the diet helped to eliminate pounds of waste, a general improvement in health, and an increase in energy levels.
The lemon detox diet is incredibly effective at ridding you of years of build up of undigested waste and toxins.

The lemonade detox diet recipe  (one serving):

* 2 Tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice

* 2 Tablespoons of organic grade B maple syrup

* 1/10 Teaspoon of finely ground cayenne pepper

* 10 oz of filtered water

You should aim to drink 8 to 12 servings per day.

These are only some of the diet's health benefits:

  * Get rid of pounds of phlegm, mucus, and other waste products.
  * Weight loss. Burn fat and take pounds of waste off the waist.
  * Recharge your cells and organs. Get a massive boost of energy.
  * The diet is also known to improve acute and chronic conditions.

The lemon detox diet recipe has has a strong following of supporters, but it's a difficult diet to see through to the end. You can find more help and tips at

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About the author: Marcus Thiery is a sports and nutrition author and writes for http://www.fatburn-secrets.com/lemon-detox-diet-recipe.html

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