Google Adwords Fundamentals Exam – New Google Advertising Professional Exam

Google are phasing out the old style Google Advertising Professional exam (GAP exam) in favour of a slightly changed new exam called the Google Adwords Fundamentals Exam.
By: Rob Hartley
March 11, 2010 - PRLog -- As of 2010 any Google Adwords professional who wishes to maintain their qualified status will have to sit the new exam when it is time for renewal (the Adwords Qualification exam currently need to be retaken every 2 years). The new exam has changed slightly in terms of format and the type of question asked.

So what has changed exactly?

Old exam format:
•   length: 90 minutes long
•   number of questions: 112
•   question type: multiple choice
•   pass mark :75%
•   cost: US$50

New exam format:
•   length: 120 minutes long
•   number of questions: 120
•   question type: multiple choice
•   pass mark :85%
•   cost: US$50

The new exam format is includes many questions that are similar in style to the old exam but it also includes questions that are designed to test the way in which Adwords can be applied to real life marketing situations as well some that test a candidates overall knowledge of internet marketing. Additionally the exam has been updated to include questions about new features including video and mobile advertising.

The original GAP exam was based more on the mechanics of the Adwords platform – in comparison the new “Fundamentals” exam seems to concentrate more on how the features of Adwords can be applied. Previously the exam questions where based solely around the information contained within the Adwords Learning Centre and questions were more factual, and simply memorizing the learning centre information was sufficient.

Whereas with the previous GAP exam it was possible to get by just simply memorising the information contained within the Google Adwords Learning Centre it appears that simply recalling facts will not enable a candidate to pass the new Google Fundamentals Exam. Rather a more robust understanding of the new Google Pay Per Click interface is needed with an appreciation of how it can be used to best effect in real life situations both from an advertisers perspective as well as a client management perspective.

Alongside the new style of questions, the pass mark is also significantly higher at 85% compared with a previous pass mark of only 75%. To compensate for this higher pass mark the new exam allows for extra time; the new format allowing for 120 minutes compared with the previous format of just 90 minutes.

With a general lack of professional qualifications available in the online marketing industry, the new Google Adwords exam format is push in the right direction: catering the exam to Adwords Professionals and testing a candidate’s knowledge to a higher standard, in turn giving the status of an “Adwords Professional” more credibility.

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