Frustrated Webmaster Dumps Google Adwords for New Traffic Source

Webmaster and small business owner Ryan Deiss got sick of being "slapped" by Google Adwords and his frustration led him to a huge traffic source that is bigger and provides cheaper traffic. He reveals this new secret source in an online video.
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Google has removed or "slapped" over 10,000 Adwords Advertisers
Google has removed or "slapped" over 10,000 Adwords Advertisers
Feb. 21, 2010 - PRLog -- Google Adwords is one of the largest and most popular pay per click search engine marketing platforms in the world for business people willing to pay to get into the search results. The benefits of the Adwords program is that webmasters are able to get almost instant placement and can target the keywords they come up under.

Webmasters and business owners pay per click or per visitor that is sent to their website using the Google ad words system. Because Google is one of the most important places to be found in the Internet. The Google Adwords program is very popular and also very competitive with many per click categories reaching $10.00 or more per visitor. Pay per click search engine advertising can be very effective if you have a product that is unique in the marketplace or you are able to get your traffic at a reasonable price.

Because Google is the largest search engine on the planet being found in their search engine results can make or break the success of many businesses.

Google has recently gone through a series of changes which has caused over 10,000 web-based businesses to be removed or what is referred to as a "Google slap". This means that for some reason Google has decided that the advertiser, product or your website does not fit the Google advertising guidelines. This has caused huge frustration for many small and home-based business owners who rely on Google Adwords as their primary source of traffic and income.

As with most entrepreneurs sometimes frustration can lead to new innovation and improve the way of doing business.

That is was is now happening as many of these 10,000 small businesses have found that there is a new niche that they can tap into which will reach over 400 million visitors on a website with over 39 billion page views per month and is much cheaper than advertising with Google Adwords.

In addition this new marketing approach and technique is one of the few places that Google considers to be real competition and one that they definitely have their eye on. This website actually gets more visitors per month than Google does and become and be in getting listed in advertising on this website is actually much cheaper than Google Adwords.

Entrepreneur Ryan Deiss has put together a short video which documents his frustration working with Google and the Google Adwords program and also showcasing this new source of low-cost traffic that is proving to help put money in the pockets of many businesses that once relied on Google ad words as their sole source of traffic.

For more information on this traffic and revenue source visit the link below
and watch the video and see what all the buzz is about

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