Jihad Restaurants And Hot Hiv To-go Fight Fake Internet Money!

Why jihad-restaurants destroy manic Western games of monetary malperception and why JEALOUSY towards Stunny Pharouk's sexual philosophy was a stupid RADIO-active mistake! - by Sanga Sinoua
By: Sanga Sinouoa
Feb. 11, 2010 - PRLog -- Jihad restaurants abound where people have understood STUNNY PHAROUK'S tactical move to use the EC's own stupidly published law called the EC-67-548-EWG to expose AIDS as a crime of chemical omition in medicine. Its EVERYWHERE! SILICONS in female contraceptice pills and AZT cause AIDS. - Now its in your local foreign diner! The cristal Pharaoh used a sharp prism for a pretty broad spectrum!

AIDS has burst as the leading racist weapon against Blacks, and by reading the EU law EG-67-548-EWG the Stunny scandal has inadvertently exposed covert RNA-DNA crimes in diagnostic medicine. The Western nuclear lie over its own pharmaceutically poisoned people has given us the power to get rid of the mad white science we find so highly undesirable in its overweening blasphemy: those who earn lots of money from doing no work at all, print bank-money, and own more than one passport, - but who yet sit in our restaurants and eat the produce of industrial slavery, which they don't deserve. A Jihad restaurant is a cahoot in France and most popular tourist destinations that secretly love gay Arabs in bed for a new morality freed of the Koran.

Eventhough the internet is what's now known as a "numbering device" that allows anybody dumb to feel that useless blogsites are read by loads of people who don't have the time to even search or read dilitant shittt, only a white science would invent such a "radioactive chart-game" and be hung-up on proving to the masses it made any sense. Asians call it "making wars you can't win!". People DON'T love to be fooled the white way around because such habitual lies have killed millions. If in equal backhand, an Indian owns a restaurant and openly admits to an old white woman, that the good ole days of the rich-bitch are over and the meal she's snippishly ordered has "mercury" or "urin" in it, she'll probably refuse to believe that 40 years of white Indian linen on the town's imported tables has left her a silly war casualty on privileged reservations given with a humoring smirk.

AIDS was one of those huge racist aswell as homophobic mistakes, and so was paid radio airtime. To spend money for a chart-position on Google or any of its other search-engines, is to also admit that radio-airplay or politically radioactive online charts are paid, fake, and therefore socalled "royalties" paid out to stars on thrones of sixes come from some backhanded white class of assless gay racist doctors who rule Wallstreet's media-mags and state-forensic court-medicine together with their fake-blonde pinup-brides and nose-bugging kids born of the test-tube ixi-method! The cock came in transparent glass...and their whores have plastic bags in their tits and get tumors of the uterus removed by NASA's lasers.

Understandibly, since AIDS-backlash, many Asians and Africans can't feel attracted to Western media companies of any coine. Also kissing skinny Black butt in big white American houses of power last-minute so as to create "media charts" to create a false power-measure that isn't cricket or believed these dayzzz, makes most people nautious. Bollywood's amazing media power, or Capetown's burgeoning movie industry seem to be of no import, if they don't also own the internet through medical intermarriage or its modern last-ditch anal fornication with a Southern spoon. So, the internet becomes merely a despotic Western encyclopaedia overrun with Wikipedias that spell "GAY NAZI SHRINE!". So who is Madonna really, if royalties are Nazi-Jewish? Is the term "Madge" realy that hot for blond? - Her last-minute flights down to raising Malaaaweeyyy up her hogghole, go all bottoms-up with blackbull's bhuto-bhuto beneath, but is a great prossy thing to doewww...hhhh. - A cowgirl's gotta ride something horney, if even its a rodeo frackass for a buck. Money was printed for a bottle-blond asscunt riding an ancient Black Back of plenty, and headed for a fall in the cleansing ocean. Well, times do change. Stunny's Tannic-Molasses is the best purely African cure for purely American AIDS in Malawi, while blonded Beyoncé Knowles keeps staightening Niggers out for a Grammy!

Todaayyy, telephone companies and internet providers stupidly pacify their paying clients with the use of fake anonymous website visitor-numbers, so that they may feel a part of the click-happy Western digital realm, that was to await electronic cash disaster at home, monitored by you-know-who. Now thanks to AIDS being a thing of the past, TAX and unfair currency conversion are sneaking out of belial, and you may "suddenly" enjoy online banking in AFRICA, despite prying eyes. This encourages the idiot to go online just to feel they are able to be a star in that expanding murky electronic mildew of tiny test-tube TV-brackets that most people don't enjoy watching without wearing spectacles. Yet, we Asians know that technology and markets in the internet can only be controled by those who've got something usefull to tell and sell offline, because Western medicines, movies and music were not really sold the honest way anyhow if "charts" are what you believed to be real. They are a sign of biblical Jewish incest. Do you want to become a popstar? Do you really know what a popstar is? All because of AIDS, socalled "big" music-labels with pharma-contracts such as Sony, Warner and Universal have product-endorsements from leading Pharma-clans that abridge their own humanrights laws for nothing and live in a fragile bubble of selfprinted money threatened by foreign jihad-restaurants pitching for a nasty war of yellow grins in tropical paradise!

Future Black Negrotism and Neo-romantic communism will have no more of Western lies. Till the local Western police get to dress in civilian and eat incognito in every toxic restaurant that needs surveillance of a pretty delivery-boy, they'll need to get the local army to stand in, if police-officials aren't willing to tell the truth. - Beloved white moms died from a silicon chemo-injection or induced alzheimers from a white pill with a nasty BARCODE NUMBER! And THATS yu stinkin' dull damage!!! Nobody is fooled, and jihad restaurants hold power clear into your favourite holiday resort. Get obece on Tekila - for all I care, - or die of a cheeseburger heart-attack in Bangkok, if you feel Mc.Donalds was ever a really welcome slave-chain for local Asian wrinkles. Poison your own white trash and leave us in peace!
....ffffFeeeel ffffreeeee ta ffffuggin' trrrravellll !!! - Our yellow smiles are now genuine!

For more about YOUR dear own AIDS-scandal to go, visit http://www.aids-scandal.com

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AIDS-SCANDAL by Stunny Pharouk is the fastest cure for AIDS as RNA-overglutt such as ANTHRAX POISONING since 2004 with Tannine-Ascorbic Molasses. His global warning campaign saved millions worldwide with costfree detox info. http://www.aids-scandal.com
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