How Men Handle Baldness -beautiful Thoughts –by Rodolfo Valentin

Are all men sensitive about baldness? No. Some men are not bothered at all. But many others are deeply concerned.
By: Rodolfo Valentin
Hair loss in men, by Rodolfo Valentin
Hair loss in men, by Rodolfo Valentin
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Feb. 5, 2010 - PRLog -- They feel as young as they did when they had hair, but balding has made them look older than their years.  It hampers their pride, their appearance and, often, even their careers.
Male Pattern Baldness.

There is no current therapy that is successful in re-growing permanent hair, hair lost due to pattern baldness.  Medical researchers will someday discover a sure prevention or even a cure—yes, a way to regrow lost hair.  In the meantime, do not be fooled by ineffective methods.  When researchers find the cure, it will be on the front page of every newspaper and announced on radio and television.

For now, the only “cure” is hair replacement.  The question is, which one.  
Most dermatologist recommend transplants and hair replacements, especially these which use tape.  Other replacement methods use weaves or glue.  You, the consumer, also have available such prescription drugs as minoxidil.

The Weave Method
The weave method secures a hair unit to the scalp by braiding, i.e. weaving, one’s hair with hair from the unit.  The unit may be left on the scalp from three to eight weeks.  This method has the advantage of being “permanent” for an extended period of time.  However, an infection of the scalp commonly arises, with possible scarring and further hair loss.  Remedies to treat the infection can become costly.  Another disadvantage is that one must depend on the technician to clean and reweave the hair unit.  With prolonged use, hair loss occurs.
The only similar system that I will recommend will be “silicon extensions” that last for three months, depending on how handy you are and how careful.

The Hair Transplant
Hair transplant is a surgical procedure which carries with it all the risks of surgery, but can give wonderful results.  (As everything, if it is done with the right person.)  This procedure consists of transplanting one’s hair where hair does not exist.  But, a certain amount of hair is necessary in order to qualify as a candidate for the procedure.  There is no guarantee that the transplant is successful, or of the final cosmetic effects.  

The Tape Method
People ask me about tape, if it is the only recourse for chemotherapy and radiation patients. It depends on each individual.  Some people experience allergic reactions and sensitivity to tape.

The Best Method
The best (and very expensive) are the hypoallergenic base systems, undetectable and feather-light hairpieces.  The hair looks as if it is growing from your scalp.  Each hair is handcrafted to a fine base that intermixes with your own hair.

You decide.  Cheap, middling or expensive?  You alone know the answer.

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