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Medical supply sellers can now use MedWOW’s new selling option to liquidate entire stocks of their medical supplies in one shot. The medical supply can be in new, refurbished or used condition.
By: Eric Beris
Jan. 26, 2010 - PRLog -- Many players in the medical supply industry often experience situations in which they are left with huge stocks of surplus instruments that they no longer have the need for. This issue can affect the entire spectrum of organizations in the industry, right from manufacturers to end-users; for instance - a manufacturer that is left with a bulk of supplies that have not been sold, or a hospital that is left with an unnecessary bulk of injection needles, or a private clinic leftover with a bulk of bandages that were never used, or any other organization that otherwise distributes or purchases medical supplies.  

More likely than not, these organizations just have to write-off their losses with these stocks and these medical supplies end up sitting in boxes for prolonged periods of time, taking up valuable space and collecting dust. However, what if there was a way that these organizations cut their losses by easily clearing their surplus stocks?  Chances are that they would jump on the opportunity., an online marketplace that has seen enormous success with the used medical equipment industry, has now expanded its reach to the medical supply market by offering capabilities to buy and sell entire stocks of medical supplies in bulk. The addition to the site comes after extensive industry demand for such an option, from buyers and sellers all over the world.

Medical supply sellers can now use MedWOW’s new selling option to liquidate entire stocks of their medical supplies in one shot, including items such as: gloves, bandages, injection needles, nursing clothes, swabs, surgical gowns, medical shoe covers, blood lancets  surgical scalpels, or any other medical supplies commonly sold in bulk. The sellers’ medical supply can be in new, refurbished or used condition, depending on the item.

In addition to being able to utilize the site to sell their medical supplies, sellers can also accelerate the turnaround time on their sales with the ability to post item-depicting videos of their medical supply, and therefore eliminating the need to send sample items to buyers prior to completing the sale.

For buyers, MedWOW’s new feature means having a one-stop-shop to turn to for their medical supply needs, as the items listed have a wide range of categories, rather than catering to one specific medical category.  Additionally, buyers have an increased probability of finding the exact medical supply that they are looking for, since the site has supplies listed by sellers from all over the world.  

Even with the addition of the medical supplies feature, MedWOW is still actively progressing with its original efforts of connecting buyers and sellers of used medical equipment, parts, and accessories from around the world.

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MedWOW is an innovative international marketplace for used medical equipment, parts & accessories. Creating a sophisticated online trading environment.

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