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Earl Matthews & Reyanne Briand to appeal conviction, Charter of rights violations.
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Jan. 4, 2010 - PRLog -- Comparing the AMF investigation to the fraud charges and the ponzi elements of the ABCP vs GISP.  You can take a horse to water but can't make him drink, I can give you links to read but can't make you think.

      Define Ponzi ---> A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation that pays returns to separate investors from their own money or money paid by subsequent investors, rather than from any actual profit earned. ...where is the CIPF?  August '07; The summer has been spent with Aid4families being harassed with such nonsense as our business registration makes people think that we are a brokerage. Meanwhile, G-8 Central Banks are preforming “concerted infusions” to blind the public from a collapsing sham of derivatives. The organizations such as Scotia Capital & National Bank, that are actually under their jurisdiction, are presiding over the largest Ponzi collapse in Canadian history.  Tens of billions in life savings, pensions and investments are evaporating daily. This is supposed to trigger funds from the major banks to make investors whole. This bank guarantee has been deemed “worthless” by corrupt rating agencies Moodys & Standard and Poors. But instead of being thrown out or rewritten it was simply given a AAA rating by DBRS. Many investors had no idea that their money had been placed into this worthless sham. Instead of being made whole they were bullied into court supported releases that forced them to waive their rights to pursue these organizations for fraud. Also, deposits over 1 million dollars would have their three month notes turned into 9 year notes.

      Regulators and law enforcement are silent to the pains and complaints by these Canadian retirees and pensions. Sept. '07; The AMF moves to freeze Aid4families accounts. NOT the accounts of the culprits of the ABCP Ponzi scheme. While ignoring thousands of complaints from Canadians losing their shirts over the ABCP, they are spending their time trying to generate the first and only client complaint against Aid4families.com. The AMF sends papers to have us served with the violation of their unqualified cease trade order. Never mind that we addressed all of the orders “concerns”.   This should have allowed them to refocus their energies on the crisis (ABCP). By effectively blocking our payments, they were contacted, as planned, by our most recent client whom they promptly panicked with outlandish excuses for their actions. They conspire with Newfoundland regulators (who aren't pursuing any banks either) to milk this one concerned call for a false fraud charge. This is still a full year before the banks ask the Bush administration for money and the public would find out that the world's economy had been bleeding trillions for the previous 2 years.  The request for TARP means that even with the ability to keep adding endless amounts of digital Fiat funds to the banks, they all keep going into the red because of less than worthless “assets”.   We are convicted and no one to this day has considered even arresting the culprits of the world's largest Ponzi scheme. A week before Christmas I am let out on bail pending appeal (after months in prison), the regulators and media slip a story by the public while they are busy with the holidays. The price for the years of suffering and damages will be a paltry $132 Million (divided up among the culprits at that), which they will gladly pay with taxpayer infusion profits for the last year.

      We on the other hand had people participate directly, unlike the ABCP no one participated without their knowledge. Our insurance guarantee was sincere unlike the “worthless” ABCP one. Our program wasn't designed to need new depositors to make existing ones whole. We didn't receive digital fiat or taxpayer bailouts. We had to earn our profits. While the ABCP was a textbook Ponzi, Aid4families was a 2-party contract with no fine print, no disclaimers, on time payments and no complaints. With us out of the marketplace PAYING 120% a year, a few me-too organizations are claiming to have invented our product.  Needless to say they aren't being arrested for this “suspicious” offer of guaranteed payments. Probably because they maintain the industry norm of keeping the profits for themselves.

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