BogusTech Protects Customers From Y2.01K Outages

Widespread Computer Processing and Data Loss Averted
By: Vinal Flack
Dec. 28, 2009 - PRLog -- Bogus Technologies, Inc. today announced that it has provided all Platinum Maintenance customers with hardware and software upgrades to avoid potential problems arising from the transition to calendar year 2010.  Referred to in the Enterprise IT community and mass media as “The Y2.01K Problem”, this computer vulnerability has the potential to cripple all business computers, PCs, cell phones, medical devices, commercial and military aircraft, motor vehicles, household appliances and communications networks worldwide.

“We got through the Y2K crisis without too many problems,” said Ashok O’Malley, CIO of Astral Van Lines and Storage Systems in Columbus, OH.  “But we were still concerned that the date rollover to 2010 would cause some issues with our legacy mainframe COBOL applications.  Fortunately BogusTech’s professional services group was able to complete the six-month, $14 million update to our systems before Christmas.”

The potential cataclysm stems from the incompatibilities between the Gregorian and Julian calendars that are now utilized by more than 97% of all computers – and even mundane devices with embedded computers like watches, coffee makers and nuclear weapons.  January 1, 2010 on the Gregorian calendar is December 19, 2009 on the Julian calendar; and this creates a hypothetical “Lost Two Weeks” phenomenon that could cost the world economy more than $6.7 trillion dollars.

“We are proud to have completed these major customer upgrades before the looming Y2.01K transition deadline,” said Ophelia Payne, Senior Vice President of Customer Care at Bogus Technologies, Inc.  “This demonstrates the value of our Platinum Maintenance program and enables our customers’ IT staffs to spend the Holiday Season at home with their families, secure in the knowledge that their Enterprise systems, storage and networks will be unaffected by the Y2.01K pandemic.”

The BogusTech Y2.01K Upgrade package consists of perfunctory CPU replacements, extraneous board-level repairs, re-soldering of all I/O controller chip leads, prolix software patches and colorful promotional chachkis.  All system upgrades will be performed by certified BogusTech Professional Services personnel, in accordance with the BogusTech CHARTREUSE™ Green Computing recycling and disposal standards.

Bogus Technologies customers with Gold and Silver Maintenance agreements will have their systems upgraded during the second quarter of 2010.  Customers with NAS-T™ storage arrays and DAS-Ease™ virtualization software are required to upgrade their Fibre Channel Controllers to Version 3.21.05 prior to installation of the Y2.01K upgrades.  Customers in the Zinc Maintenance Program must ship their systems (in original packaging, with proof of purchase) to the BogusTech depot repair facility in Ordures Puantes, France.  

1)   BogusTech customers with Version 2.05 or greater of the Peta-File™ Enterprise-class Storage Arrays (SAN, NAS and Hybrid) will not require the Y2.01K Upgrade.
2)   Customers who have purchased the BogusTech Enterprise Y3K Protection Service will receive the Y2.01K Upgrade at no additional cost.
3)   For a limited time, customers upgrading to Peta-File Enabler and Enterprise systems from IBM TotalStorage and EMC Celera configurations will receive an iPod Classic with 160 Gbyte multimedia storage.

For additional information on the Y2.01K Upgrade, please visit the Bogus Technologies Solutions page:

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