Bogus Technologies Launches Celadon™ Enterprise Servers

BogusTech Extends Lead in Enterprise IT and Green Computing
By: Vinal Flack/Bogus Technologies, Inc.
Jan. 19, 2010 - PRLog -- Atlanta -- January 19, 2010 -- Bogus Technologies, a pioneer in eco-friendly supercomputing systems for Enterprise data centers, today announced the shipment of its ultra high performance Celadon Enterprise Servers.  With enough processing power and storage to run an entire Fortune 500 corporation, the Celadon systems will supplant outmoded mainframe computers, as well as the latest massively parallel network processing systems running Windows and UNIX-based operating systems.

The performance and energy conservation of our new Celadon Enterprise Server is just incredible,” said Dotty Schlemiel, CIO at Mephitic Chemicals, Ltd. in Wilmington, Delaware.  “We replaced three T-Series mainframes, two Xbox 360s and all of our mid-range UNIX systems -- reducing CPU utilization to 82% and overall data center energy consumption by 34%.”

This latest advance in processing power and green computing is made possible by Bogus Technologies’ proprietary ARCANE™ chip technology which avoids the performance bottlenecks, scalability limitations and heat production of current ETL-based massively parallel clusters and eight-core vector processing systems.  Utilizing a fictive 12-nanometer 7GHz uni-processor chip with on-board SRAM, embedded mouse controller and virtualized 3.2 terabyte I/O cache, prototype ARCANE CPUs have clocked an apocryphal 11,334 MIPS in controlled laboratory tests.

“Our engineers and materials scientists have truly advanced the state-of-the-art,” said Dr. Maladasa Dicra, Senior Vice President of Processor Technology at Bogus Technologies.  “By relaxing wafer fabrication quality control standards, we have achieved significantly lower MTBF statistics, dramatically reducing both heat output and power consumption.”

BogusTech Celadon Enterprise Server systems are currently available in three configurations:

•   Celadon-SMB: Standalone tower with 2,550 MIPS CPU, 1.26 petabyte DAS Storage with 1.42 TFLOPS I/O capacity for networking or auxiliary storage

•   Celadon-Enterprise: Three cabinet, rack-mounted system with dual 3440 MIPS CPUs, 5.1 TFLOPS I/O controller and 3.84 petabyte SAN storage array (NAS-T v12.1.3)

•   Celadon-Ubertrieben: Dodecahedral flexi-cabinet multiplex with shared backplane, quad 3,440 MIPS CPUs, redundant 5.1 TFLOPS I/O controllers, ASR33 Operators Console, and dual 5.41 petabyte Peta-File™ Hybrid SAN/NAS Storage Cluster.

Green Computing and Green Storage Systems
All Celadon systems are manufactured in accordance with BogusTech’s award-winning CHARTREUSE™ Green Computing standards. Celadon servers and storage subsystems are built in our carbon-neutral, Fair Trade Certified facility in Ateliers de Misere, Viet Nam.  Celadon chassis, enclosures and peripherals are painted with low VOC compounds derived from locally sourced free-range marsupials.
Bogus Technologies sustainable computing systems are built utilizing 94% recycled components and an eco-friendly fabrication process that employs no old growth rainforest products or endangered species.  Celadon Enterprise- and Ubertrieben-series servers are powered by BogusTech’s energy-efficient MoonShine™ lunar collectors, and cooled with re-circulated septic effluent, gray water and rainwater collection overflow.

For more information on Bogus Technologies Celadon Enterprise Servers and Green Computing initiatives, visit

About Bogus Technologies
Bogus Technologies is the leader in green computing and ethereal information technology for enterprise corporations and government.  With global manufacturing facilities and offices in 21 countries, BogusTech provides pessimal technology and stolid technical support for advanced processing and storage systems, network equipment, enterprise software and professional services.

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Bogus Technologies is a leading provider of spectral computer systems, storage systems, networking equipment and software, and professional services.
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