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Dec. 27, 2009 - PRLog -- Natural Cure for Eczema

Scientists believe that although Eczema is a hereditary disease it is not at all contagious. But if you are allergic towards certain things like food, dust, pollen grains, chemicals, perfumes and you already suffer from Eczema then you should stop eating or coming into contact with these triggers. Eczema is a skin disorder in which the patients experience scaly, irritating, itching skin which is sometimes accompanied by discharge.

Eczema can appear on any body part like your scalp, elbows, head, toes, fingers, hands, palms, knees and shoulders. Even many new born babies tend to suffer from this painful disease. There are many types of Eczemas and each has its own distinctive features, characteristics and its own eczema natural cures.

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So, now let us talk about some Myths and Facts related with this skin disorder.

1.Myth-Eczema is Contagious
Fact- It is not Contagious
Eczema is just a skin disorder and it is not at all contagious. If you have eczema, then you need not worry because your family members would not get it just by touching you. Eczema is hereditary but it is not contagious.

2.Myth- Eczema is like acne
Fact- It is not like acne
Eczema is not at all like acne. If a person has eczema then they suffer from completely different symptoms and features. There are completely different medicines for both these skin disorders.

3.Myth- Focusing on your skin can stop eczema
Fact- Medicines, proper diet and care can stop eczema
Just focusing on your skin can never stop eczema, it is one of the biggest myths that some people tend to rely on. Our skin is very much affected with what we eat and how we stay, so by just focusing on the skin of the area where you have eczema would never stop it. You need to change your life style and diet in order to completely cure it.

4.Myth- Eczema is caused by Emotion disorder
Fact- Eczema is caused by external disorder or it may be hereditary
Although earlier, doctors used to believe that Eczema was caused by emotion problems and stress, but now it has been scientifically proven that no such thing happens. Emotion factors can worsen your condition but it is not the cause.

5.Myth- It leaves permanent scars
Fact- It does not leave permanent scars
Eczema can be very uncomfortable and painful but generally it does not leave any permanent scars or marks on your skin. Conventional treatments might cause discoloration of skin but it can be cured by consulting a doctor or by taking proper medication. That is why you should try the natural cure for eczema.

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