Learn How To Fix Burn-In, Ghosting and Improper Settings On Your LCD and Plasma Televisions!

Don't put up with screen burn-in, dead pixels or improper LCD and Plasma TV settings anymore! Keep your LCD or Plasma screen looking like it was the day your got it! Learn the secrets that will give you the best picture possible for years to come!
By: Edge Of Our Pants
Nov. 30, 2009 - PRLog -- Any LCD or Plasma television is an investment. Poor set-up or calibration will degrade the image quality of your television and shorten its lifespan immensely. If you have an LCD or Plasma TV you will want to both get the best image and performance it is capable of and protect it from an early death due to improper use, bad settings or even from general use.

What Problems Can Occur?
Static images (or ghosting) is a large problem with LCD and Plasma screens. Basically with a static image (such as a television station logo that sits in the same place during hours of watching your shows) the screen will retain the image of the logo because it sat in one spot for so long. Almost as if your screen has memorized and retained it. You will still see the image even after switching the station. This is not good. If you are lucky the image will slowly vanish on its own but it will take some time. If it does not then you have what is known as burn-in or ghosting of the image. Even if the image fades away by itself it has still caused some damage to that area even if you cannot see it. If you watch the same station for a few more hours, the logo will burn itself in again a little bit faster. And last a little longer before it fades which over time causes a gradual build up of the image and damage to that portion of your screen which in the end will damage the overall sharp view of your TV. Your TV may also be turned up far too bright or have improper settings for the location where you are using it. Did you know that most LCD and Plasma screens are sent from the factories with improper settings or with settings that are meant to make everything look fantastic when displayed at a big, bright store? Most people aren't aware of this fact. These types of settings are horrible for home use and unless you properly adjust your display you will never get the beautiful and high quality image your TV is capable of producing. Bad settings can not only kill your TV faster but give you a horrible picture while doing so. You may also experience dead pixels. dead pixels occur when a single pixel in your TV burns out or fails to fire up correctly. They show up as single black spots on your Plasma screen or may only become visible during a certain color on an LCD TV.

What Can Be Done To Save My TV?
The main method for avoiding any and all damage to your TV is prevention! Avoiding static images on your screen is a must. There are claims against using videogame consoles on an LCD or Plasma TV however such claims are mostly unwarranted and are usually based on how it is more common to experience burn-in and ghosting of game screens such as menus, a paused game, slower games like roleplaying games, etc. Your TV is most vulnerable to burn-in and ghosting during the first 100 hours of viewing time. During this time pixels in your TV will retain image residue much faster than a TV that has been used for months. Use what is known as wash tools (such as the ones found on The Pixel Fixer DVD from http://www.Pixel-Repair.com ) that literally give your entire TV screen a total workout and rejuvenate it. (Screen washes may look bizarre but is in no way damaging). There are screen washes it uses to help you get the best possible display. The first is a never-ending cycle of colors sent to your display which help recalibrate the color production of your display's pixels. Second, a continual wash of TV snow helps remedy image ghosting, screen burn-in and other residual effects all while balancing the pixel intensity of your display. Thirdly a constant pure white image is sent to your screen in order to get rid of unwanted burn-in, ghosting and unwanted images. By the end of the entire workout it is the equivalent to pretending your TV is a big Etch-A-Sketch, picking it up and giving it a huge shake to remove anything it used to "know" on the screen. Sometimes if the problem is extremely damaging it may take a few sessions for the full removal of the entire problem. The Pixel Repair DVD also includes an easy step-by-step tutorial complete with everything you will need in order to properly adjust all the necessary settings like brightness, contrast, etc in order to give you the best possible viewing display you can achieve which will help extend the life of your screen. It even has a section full of handy information and tips about different types of cable connections and tips for hooking up your TV.

Don't put up with screen burn-in, dead pixels or improper LCD and Plasma TV settings anymore! Get the most out of your TV while protecting your entertainment investment for years to come by using a product such as The Pixel repair DVD from http://www.Pixel-Repair.com today!

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