Build Homemade Wind Power generator – Windmill Turbine Home Power

Bret parker explains how to build a homemade wind power generator / turbine sometimes referred to as wind mills to create home wind power. Part B in the home wind power generator package contains step by step instructions.
By: Bret Parker
Oct. 12, 2009 - PRLog -- Building a homemade wind power generator for home use is quickly becoming an attractive option for many environmentally conscious home owners to use as an alternative energy source helping to reduce both environmental damage and fossil fuel use.

Homemade wind power generator is becoming common place as home owners install them on large and small home solar power installation. A wind power generator converts the wind into a home electricity source. Which is free, unlimited, renewable, and naturally green!

Wind power generator works by transforming physical motion, natural wind flows to turn the blades causing rotation into electricity using strong permanent magnets. The free home electricity produced can then be wired to devices for immediate usage, stored in batteries, or wired back into the power grid.

Two things that are very important to know before you get too far into a diy homemade wind power generator system for your home are

You have to live in a windy area for a home wind power generator to function properly to supplement the homes energy needs. Home wind power generators needs lots of wind for it to operate correctly, otherwise you need to keep with solar energy.
Home wind power generator may only be an addition for the home solar power system.

You are probably trying to decide if you can learn how to build a diy wind power generator yourself - so you want to know...

#    How much will a diy wind power generator cost to build?
#    Can I get reliable, easy to follow wind generator plans?
#    How long will it take to build a home made wind generator?
#    Homemade wind generator comparable to commercial models?
#    Parts to build a homemade wind power generator easy to find?

Yes!  - You can build a homemade wind power generator for under $180 in about 2 weekends by following the guides in the packages.

Many illustrated guides are available online to teach you step by step how to build  homemade wind power generators.

If you're into do it yourself, these guides will ensure the success to making your home less dependent on fossil fuels and more dependent on renewable energy while reducing your power bill.

Using a do-it-yourself approach to home wind power systems you can do your part to help the Earth’s environment and remove part of your carbon footprint.

# # #

If you are interested to learn how to Build Homemade Wind Power Generator - visit:

You may also want to get your How to Make Solar Panels manual here:

Bret Parker

Make a Solar Panel package a self contained training program, engineered to teach the skills he has mastered to everyone interested in the renewable energy as alternative power source for your home.
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