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By: Bret Parker
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July 14, 2010 - PRLog -- Learn how to solar charge your home, design and Installation of solar power grid, off grid systems. You can use solar power to run your home, business, houseboat, camper or holiday cabin.

Bret Parker expertise has always been in the Solar Electricity and Renewable Energy Industries. Offers a solar energy package for home designs. DIY solar panels are used along with other components from reliable manufacturers.

The benefits of solar power for homes are:

•   protection from increasing electricity prices
•   savings on power bills
•   add value to your home

Grid Connect Solar Power for Homes

Grid Connect benefits are obvious when your solar panels are producing more power from the sun than the home is using. The excess of electricity flows out onto the grid and your electricity meter effectively runs backwards.

Off-grid Solar Power for Homes

Off-grid systems suit remote country or isolated households. They can be designed and installed to provide enough power to run remote household appliances all year.

Some tips:
•   Electric hot water generally uses about 1/3 of the household power, even though in some cases it may be on a cheaper tariff. Changing to solar hot water will substantially reduce costs.
•   High power users in a typical home are air conditioners and heaters, swimming pool pumps, spa pumps, old refrigerators and freezers, electric stoves, halogen down lights and large plasma TVs. Reduce the usage of these where possible to save on your electricity bill.
•   Unnecessary loads, such as the little red lights and appliances on standby all add up to substantial amounts of power. Switch off at the wall when and where possible to reduce wasteful power consumption.

Components Solar Power Grid System:

•   Solar Panels
•   Solar Panel Frames
•   Trackers
•   Batteries
•   Regulators
•   Inverters
•   12 & 24 Volt lights
•   Refrigerators & Freezers
•   Cables & Wiring

What are my power requirements?

Bret is often asked the solar power system requirements for a "standard" house. Many years in the solar industry, the "standard house" does not exist.

Homeowner’s power requirement is different, and if you want a solar system that works, you must ensure that it is large enough to generate sufficient power for your needs.

Provide enough excess power to store in the home system batteries to last you through periods of bad weather.

For this reason Bret recommends all homeowners complete a power demand sheet.
This way the individual homeowner knows what they are getting, what the solar system will do, and any design limitations.

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Bret Parker’s...

Make a Solar Panel package a self contained training program, engineered to teach the skills he has mastered to everyone interested in the renewable energy as alternative power.

Comprehensive manuals and Videos on how to Solar Electricity Home Use – Solar Power – Solar Energy and homemade wind power generator construction


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