Ethnic Cleansing On European Tourists In Foreign Restaurants With Silicon!

Just 90ml of silicon in food causes fake HIV and diabetes. How safe are exotic corner stores or foreign bistros when you're on holiday? Why do doctors lie about RNA overdoses and the human genome being glass molecules and not viruses?
By: J.J.
Oct. 5, 2009 - PRLog -- Ever since Stunny Pharouk exposed that 90ml of ingested silicon will trigger fake HIV-diagnoses in the blood, people have been entertaining cruel private thoughts about the toxicity of "easily acquired substances" that give you "easily aquired immunal deficiency" such as AIDS!  - As a result, nations most angered by this lurid Western medical demise, are now likewise engaging in toxic discrimination of Western tourists with the use of hotel poison, - if even with an inviting smile of hypocritical hospitality and chirpy cheap pricetags on all the yummies you can eat!

Today restaurants in holiday locations aren't safe for people with a currency inflated by fake science, and the possibility of Westerners returning with late-impact windowperiod silicon poisoning is alarmingly high! Yet Western media and doctors remain silent in shock. - AIDS was a their fiscal reality and has caught them in shinig cars and cristal palaces noticed by all. An ancient Egyptian snakeoil-war suddenly raises its old hoary historic head from the Egyptian tomb of international human memory, for the first time in European history. Deserts only need water, but spark the wise question: Who's food are we eating? Why do deserts exist?

India and China insist that Western economy isn't important, as long as Europe is guilty of gross humanrights atrocity on its own "white" population, if Western universities do not teach that the human genome RNA is also an optical substance made of glass! Lethal nuclear medicines are given to their own population!

Not only was the manner of Stunny Pharouk's illegal arrest indicative of racial hate over a mixed person, but the disregard that Stunny Pharouk was indeed of half Zoanian Egyptian and of "German" descent, who was arrested and treated badly for being dressed in rare and costly Sudanese Nile customs, raises international disdain for German race antics. Errant German court decreed that Stunny Pharouk be given leathal overdoses of silicoidal substances after he had already been 2 weeks in custody. Doctors overstepped their ethical bounds. Stunny Pharouk's exorbitantly beautiful custom-made Egypto-Somalian scullcap was demonstratively shredded to bits with an electric pliars, just for having exhibited golden clamps made of nuclear glased brass feed; - which automatically suggested that gold is made the same way. - Additionally, hearing of his rape under forced injection of amphetamines, has left a distaste under everyone's ethical pallate toward Western sexual appetite in delirium of illicit power. Stunny recalls: "After awaking with the smell of sperm in my face; - I realised that the shade in my skin still attracted a dumb plot getting off on me, while I was yet uncontious! - Gosh, - they could have asked me kindly!".

Born Stunny Pharouk-Starzmann but going by the name STUNNY PHAROUK, the artist valiantly pointed out, "Even if Germans feel that their racial roots are more Egyptian than those of my mother, then Germany should have accepted my paternal German side; but by this token of surmise; the German state fell down on the job of even acting Egyptian at random. Instead however, they acted like an old Jewish Kingdom of the Bible stupidly vengeful, whilst using Nazi tactics and an errect penis, for my not being Arian and blonde!" - Yet, Stunny Pharouk is often taken as East Indian or Arabian; and indeed, Brasilians, Hispanics and especially Africans have a high regard for him. Eventhough the artist maintains homosexual alliances, he is curiously popular with Turkish population, who usualy don't openly favour homosexuality. Egyptians outside of Egypt adore his story and the cure for AIDS, but would think twice about his newfangled non-muslim lifestyle, once seeing him in Egypt. Yet, Egypt's Felacs highly respect him for remembering bygone snakeoil wars of grander Egyptian times, for the sake of racial equality. Snakewars are deeply enshrouded in Egyptian aristocracy as the weapon of the mace.

"He is the disguise and thumb plot of our call on covert Western hatred of divercity! Now that AIDS is just a liquid; we don't need to take Europeans by their value added tax!" - said Shiri Anda Meer, a female Pakistani shop owner in London.

Stunny Pharouk was continuously pursued by rightwing elements, even after he was released from prison, but the information had already spread in London initialy to over 50.000 people all over the globe via his alliance with the Sudanese Marrakh culture, who entertain amazing friendships with trading India. The singer had been tagged and arrested by the Interpol in France after this, and later pursued clear into Germany, culminating in an embarrassing ANTHRAX postage from London, after a fullpage photograph of a gold-bedight Pharaonic Stunny Pharouk was published in 2005 as an Egyptian cultural model in Britain's BLACK BEAUTY AND HAIR MAGAZINE and he was paraded into BEN-Television for interviews. Even though Stunny Pharouk's hotel fees were paid by the British-Nigerian TV-station's religiously divided Nigerian CEO, Mr. Alisair Soyode; after Stunny Pharouk exposed the silicon secret  to BEN TV; Mr. Soyode snagged all business arrangements Stunny made to feed Ethiopian children dieing of AIDS and malnutrition with the lightning cure of ascorbic Molasses called "Tannin Concentrate", wich was to be financed by selling Stunny's Egyptian hairclamps to both "white and black" customers. BEN TV's Nigerian founder-CEO, suddenly squashed the interviews filmed in Stunny's hotel room, - and revoked all filmed TV commercials and interviews starring Stunny Pharouk alongside showhost Miss Khemi Ahmed, which were marked for London TV to feed poor African children! This was the very first time any Black person showed Stunny Pharouk any animosity about silicon and AIDS, despite seeing how lethal silicon is!  - Fortunately; unlike Mr. Soyode, most Black and Asian people are intelligent, and aren't political prostitutes waiting on dirty money.

Hence the vast mixed London underground of Blacks and Whites realised that SILICON is a do or die snakeoil battle causing rising Western cancer counts while livid white women and gays seek financial compensation against nuclear medicines such as tranquilizers, AZT, insuline injections, silicon breast enhancement implants, and all pills of contraception!  - A huge slippery serpent uncoils right in the bosom of Europe's medical history!

Western media is doubletongued, but "snake wars" do have an ancient history in the Orient, and "cyanide" got it's ancient name from "Abessinia". Had it not been for the Marrakh, these facts would have remained in the dark with the allout holocaust on Black Africans and Zoanese population. Zoanese are broad mixtures spanning many different races, and like Stunny Pharouk and his mother, have no fixed notion of race and have skins of many colours, some with green eyes - and some with blond hair.

With just small doses of liquid silicon AIDS can be orchestrated  in food or intravenous aid given to anyone; but it is an ancient method of warfare and open to just about anybody. - Rastas in Jamaica make silicoid snake oil by melting pulverised sea-sand in hot cooking oil, or throw candle wax into tourist sauces! - It causes addictive behaviour, and tourists get hungry faster, and pay for more hotel snacks. Primed coconuts with Rum and silicon cause strokes! The same backlash is used in India. Had they known of Stunny Pharouk before, AIDS would not have decimated the Caribbean for 30 years despite cannabis. German media laments over rising cancer numbers in Europe, but insist on not warning its own people. The demented fixation on Stunny Pharouk's mixed colour makes foreign nations despise debase Western obsession with nastyfide nuclear diseases, that all are curable with tannine-molasses and ascorbics. How sad that Western Media-meds don't protect their own people! - For more information go to
Article by J.J.

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AIDS-SCANDAL by Stunny Pharouk is the fastest cure for AIDS as RNA-overglutt such as ANTHRAX POISONING since 2004 with Tannine-Ascorbic Molasses. His global warning campaign saved millions worldwide with costfree detox info.
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