Gnosticism And The Holy Grail! What Is The Connection?

Are humans divine souls trapped in a material world? If so, is the search for spiritual knowledge a way out of the world’s density? This is some of what the ancient Gnostics taught.
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Sept. 10, 2009 - PRLog -- Before the Christian era, there was Gnosticism, by some accounts predating the birth of Jesus.  Gnostics sought to find and utilize the highest spiritual knowledge to attain ultimate union with God.  In the course of their seeking, they discovered a great deal about the nature of the Divine, Man's soul and the soul's deep desire for reunion with its Source...even outlining a way to reach this ultimate union.  

Thus, understanding more about Gnosticism may provide important and penetrating answers to questions about the soul, its relationship to God and much more.  

Indeed, the ancient Gnostics knew and taught that there was a pathway for reunion of the soul with God.  So what is Gnosticism?  What is its connection with Christianity?  And what does it have to do with the Holy Grail and the Path of Initiation?

A key to understanding Gnosticism is to develop a deeper understanding of the heart.
Some say, “Just follow your heart.”  But can you trust your heart?

According to Elizabeth Clare Prophet, “The heart must be purified first in order to be an adequate vessel of that Christ so that what we feel in the heart is truly that Christ.”

So, how do you purify your heart so you can trust it?  Through the path of initiation; the quest for the Holy Grail.

It is, indeed, a fascinating subject and it is explored in illuminating depth by Elizabeth Clare Prophet in two new free YouTube videos, “What is Gnosticism, Parts 1 and 2”.

What Is Gnosticism? Part 1 (
What Is Gnosticism? Part 2 (

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