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The Tribulation Institute is back in full force with End Times articles, books, news and more. Better than ever and ready to expose the dangers coming in the soon coming Great Tribulation. No Left Behind nonsense found here! End Times Preparation
Sept. 1, 2009 - PRLog -- After four years of being void of an internet presence due to a bizarre loss of his URL, and it being purchased by another group that still uses the old url because of the massive outside links to it from other websites all across the internet, making it very valuable, and title Tribulational Institute, Jeff Forrester is back once again with his expertise on End Time matters.  Nearly all of his information was lost and the motivation to start over eluded him for years, but that is "left behind" he says.

Yes indeed, the old is left behind and he is back with the new Tribulation Institute ( )rebuilding it from scratch, which has taken him months and untold hundreds of hours to restore much of what had been lost.  It is now up and running and those who enjoyed his teachings on the rapture, the tribulation and the new world order will be pleased to know he is back and quickly moving ahead with the vast amount of work needed to restore it.

He says, "I think this website is much better and more user than the old one left behind and much better as being user friendly than the old one, and in time will be just as big and informative as the old one.  With all that has happened in the past year concerning the econonic collapse, I have been rejuvnated and a new sense of urgency has been instilled within me to get back to work and hopefully get the new information out to those who are thirsty for it."

Jeff has managed to publish two books that are aviable for reading, downloading and purchasing if the customer wishes, while he was offline the past four years.

He also says, "Man, I can't believe all that has happened since September of last year when all the news about the dire economic condition of the banks, insurance companies and the automobile industry.  I've seen more happen in regards to the New World Order agenda moving ahead in the past year, than in the past ten.  Time is short and we must continue to study and be mindful of what is happening and what is about to happen in America", he warns.

The new website is quite lengthy regardless of what he says and has much valuable information about the Great Tribulation, the New World Order and the counterfeit church (apostate church)and the coming World War III.

He has numerous links to other fasinating sites, both old ones that were on his previous site and many new ones with exceptional material for those wanting to know more about the End Times, the Great Tribulation and the New World Order. ( )

I believe if you check out his new website and his books, you will be greatly rewarded with a wealth of practical information about preparing for the tribulation soon coming, and his latest books both fiction and non fiction that will wake you up with the same urgency that has been instilled in him.

We're glad his website presence is back and look forward to going through all the informative stuff on his site as before.

If you are a Left Behind novel reader, you are especially invited to look at the information available on this site to get the truth behind that series.

See ya there!!!!

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