Idiot Proof Diet: Review of the Idiot Proof Diet - Is it Worth it?

An Internet product reviewer has recently announcend their interesting findings with the idiot proof diet. They have revealed some interesting facts about this diet on their website...
Aug. 31, 2009 - PRLog -- A recent review of an idiot proof diet system by an Internet product reviewer has brought up some revealing points. Roger B. Jones, an Internet product reviewer, conducted his study online last week of diets can really help you to lose weight. More information on his study can be found on his website:

Roger found that losing weight using the right diet is the real thing and he discovered in his research a diet that is proven to work. The Idiot Proof Diet, better known as Fat Loss 4 Idiots, is one of the best diets you'll find anywhere to use the power of food to burn fat and enhance your physical condition and fitness.

And it's very simple to understand and use...

The diet is a total of 2 weeks and is formed by a cycle of 11 days followed by a period of 3 days where you eat whatever you want. It uses a method called calorie shifting which makes your body to burn fat.

Furthermore, the author of the diet ensures that you can easily lose up to 9lbs each 11 days...

The theory is that if you keep adjusting the calories you consume during this period of 11 days, your body never has the opportunity to adjust your metabolism to a set rate...And, consequently, your body will lose fat.

This diet is composed of two parts:

1. An e-book that teaches you 10 basic rules in which the Idiot Poof Diet is based.

For example, here's 5:

- You eat 4 meals a day, each separated by two and half hours.
- You need to use a particular rotation of carbohydrates and protein rich meals.
- Drink water.
- Avert sweets and too much condiments.
- Exercise.

2. An online menu generator that will tell exactly which are the foods you're eating during the course of 11 days. Prior to doing this however, it asks you what foods you like and don't like...This way, the menu it generates for you contains food you will enjoy.

Is this diet worth purchasing?

Roger gave it five stars since it's a very particular approach to healthy eating and it's quite simple to follow. "I have always believed that excellent nutrition is your best method to losing weight and improving your health, and this diet is the proof of it" he added.

To read more about losing weight with the idiot proof diet and discover how to lose 9 pounds in just 11 days, visit

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