Capital Conservator Launch International Private Banking

Capital Conservator - the offshore banking specialists, have launched a private banking service with a distinctly international flavor. Investors can now open a private bank account from anywhere in the world with maximum control and minimal fees.
Aug. 6, 2009 - PRLog -- Capital Conservator have launched a cutting-edge priority banking service, following increasing inquiries from very large depositors. Features include extreme privacy, close personal attention and the ability to open private bank accounts remotely. The service expects to attract entrepreneurs and business owners along with selected wealth managers.

CEO David Finzer has overseen a surge in 2009 deposits, and given present conditions, expects many more. That's why Capital Conservator has decided to move into private banking - but with a twist. Larger depositors can enjoy an extremely personal service without all the baggage and salesmanship that comes with traditional wealth management.

Having advised the FBI on matters of international fraud, Finzer is no stranger to the twists and tumbles of offshore banking. But now investors with substantial liquid assets are coming to him with 3 main concerns.


   * They feel threatened by a lack of privacy.
   * They are concerned about the security of banking institutions.
   * They fear getting hit by huge 'hidden' private banking fees.


Developments in anti-privacy legislation such as the Patriot Act mean that large depositors are finding their options limited when it comes to keeping their own finances secret. For Finzer, it's a problem that transcends national borders.

"One of the key things about electronic currency that people have to understand is that it never really leaves the country from which it is issued. Any bank in the world that has a correspondent account in US dollars is required by law to give the American government information on US customers as if the customer was in the US - even if that violates the law of the country where the bank is located."

Those who join Capital Conservator can feel protected from intrusions into their private finances. In Finzer's 24 years in business, not one of his tax structures has ever been attacked or pierced, either by creditors or the IRS. They were designed to follow US law while getting the maximum amount of tax efficiency.

Finzer credits the confidentiality of Capital Conservator to the organization's unique structure, which has allowed it to keep secret client records where large banks have not been as fortunate.

"Capital Conservator keeps each of its financial companies legally separated. We can do this because we are a privately held company. Once upon a time, the biggest banks were the best and safest--now they are the most dangerous because they have a unified corporate structure which makes the entire bank structure subject to the laws of every country in which they operate."


People are fed up of banks literally 'inventing money', leaving taxpayers to pick up the pieces. Domestic banks were given privileges no one else had - "Banks didn't have to mark their assets to market. If any other company did that it would be fraud," says Finzer.

While clients have multiple investment options open to them at their own risk, Capital Conservator does not lend or invest deposits. It is 100% liquid and sees its role as guardian rather than broker.

-----Huge Hidden Fees----

Many who worked hard to earn their money are feeling let down by private banking.

Offers to 'manage' wealth can turn into a form of legal robbery. Investors have seen their hard-won wealth chipped away by percentage points not only on entry, but then again up to 3-4 times a year as it is recycled through various funds - many of which do not make a profit. At year end some find up to 7% of their initial deposit lost to fees. With Capital Conservator investors can eliminate these 'hidden charges'. Private banking clients have maximum control over their accounts, keeping 'management' fees down to a bare minimum.

Please visit the Capital Conservator website to arrange a confidential discussion of your private wealth options.

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About Capital Conservator:

Founded in 2006, Capital Conservator is a provider of confidential international banking services. The Capital Conservator Group is composed of a Swiss Trust Company, a New Zealand Offshore Finance Company, and financial services companies in a growing number of countries.

Please visit the Capital Conservator website to arrange a confidential discussion of your private wealth options.
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