Can the Alkaline Diet Relieve Lower Back Pain?

I had been suffering from lower back pain for years before I started the Alkaline diet but within two weeks of following the diet, the back ache has just about disappeared!
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July 29, 2009 - PRLog -- I had been suffering from lower back pain for years before I started the Alkaline diet but within two weeks of following the diet, the back ache has just about disappeared!

Lower back pain can be caused by many things such as injury to the spine, degeneration of the bone, osteo arthritis etc. In my case I always thought it was due to the fact that I had sustained an injury to my cocsix as a child and that it was now playing up as I got older, and of course was made worse by certain stress factors. To my surprise my backache just about vanished since I started the Alkaline diet. Why I say it  “just about vanished” is because if I eat something that I should not, it comes back as a reminder!

While there are causes of backpain that cannot be treated by anything other than operations or the condition may have become to advanced to reverse, lower back ache that has no obvious cause can most of the time be linked to our modern day diets.

Our bodies have become toxic wastedumps for all the bad ingredients not only in our foods but also in the products that we use one a daily basis. Our water is one of the worst sources of chemicals and poisons that find their way into our systems every day, but on top of that, we eat over refined sugary foods, foods fried in fat, and way too much animal protein. We buy foods and good off the shelves without looking at the labels to see what is in it.

We buy longlife bread and give it to our children without a thought because the media says its good for them – the label tells us (if we research the chemicals added to it) that this bread could be the source of our children’s ADD.

We buy milk off the shelf thinking that it is good and nutritious – not knowing that we unknowingly are causing our own bone degeneration.

Our boy lotions and body odour defying roll ons contain aluminium and other products that we cannot even pronounce – all poisons to our systems. It is no wonder that people today have so many diseases.

All of these products that we consume, digest and absorb through our skin on a daily basis, together with the stresses and strains of living causes acid build-up in our joints and cartiledges, our skin, our stomachs, and of course, our backs, especially our lower backs. Once we can identify the problems, we can heal them.

Since I started on the Alkaline diet, I have had no more backpain, unless like I said, I ate something which made it re-occur just as a reminder for me to go back to proper eating.

If you have been suffering from lower back problems and you could not identify the cause of it – such as physical injury, advanced osteo arthritis etc, you owe it to yourself to heal your own back pain by just changing a few things in your diet!

While advanced osteo arthirtis is not reversible due to the damage that had already been done to the bones, the Alkaline diet can certainly prevent further deterioration.

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