Aardvark Records music video licensing deal with the Independent Coffee Network

Aardvark Records and World Wide Arts’ Independent Coffee Network have announced a licensing deal which sees the British record label supply the US-based music video entertainment provider with its promotional music videos.
By: Alex di Savoia
May 19, 2009 - PRLog -- Aardvark Records and World Wide Arts’ Independent Coffee Network have announced a licensing deal which sees the British record label supply the US-based music video entertainment provider with its promotional music videos.  The video licensing deal will see popular videos from acts like Yahel, Zetan Spore and Little Spitfire broadcast in independent American coffee houses from coast to coast.

WWA provides independent coffee store owners with an HD flat screen television that delivers fresh and engaging content with music via broadband.  The content also includes appropriate short messages from brand marketers to promote their products and services.  The Independent Coffee Network mission is to serve thousands of indie coffee stores as one, creating a powerful independent group of stores.

“This platform is a better fit with Aardvark’s ethos than a previous licensing deal we tried to strike with Starbucks,” said Aardvark Director Alex di Savoia. He continued with: “World Wide Arts and the Independent Coffee Network represent fair trade, which is something we endorse and are known for as a record label.  We admire their indie spirit and this innovative approach in providing our artists’ music videos in a new context.”

WWA created the Independent Coffee Network with a simple proposition: give the independent coffee store owner a unique and original media product, differentiating them from ubiquitous chain stores and connecting the fiercely loyal and independent consumer with the indie business owners. WWA aggregates original musical content from all genres and delivers the first and only network of original artistic video content to independent coffee store owners.  The independent Coffee Network brings coffee customers thought content that is contextual to the coffee house environment creating better engagement for customers and marketers.

“With screens going up everywhere there is still a severe lack of interesting content.  We have chosen to focus on content that is contextual to the coffee house environment first.  That has made our screens an engaging experience through music and art and an gives marketers reach to a highly coveted demographic during their daily routines,” said founder, Dave Shikiar.  Creative Director Justin Holt agrees; “Bringing independent art and music to the masses, while maintaining the artists true spirit of being an independent is a great opportunity for all. Aardvark Records has been a exceptional part of us pioneering that front since the beginning.  This has been a very rewarding partnership and we cannot wait for what Aardvark and its’ artists create next.”


For more information regarding this press release or Aardvark Records,
please contact Alex di Savoia: Tel +44 (0) 1326 376 013 or
email alex@aardvarkrecords.co.uk or visit www.aardvarkrecords.co.uk

For more information about The Independent Coffee Network or Word Wide Arts,
please contact Dave Shikiar Tel +1 323 524 0002 or
email dshikiar@worldwidearts.com  or visit www.worldwidearts.com  

About Aardvark Music
Established in 2001, Aardvark Music Ltd is the parent company of Aardvark Records and Aardvark Dance.  Collectively, Aardvark is one of the UK's most creative music companies in the UK with an international reach disproportionate to its small size. Its staunchly independent stance and pioneering spirit have produced a string of well-received releases worldwide, spanning a variety of music genres: dance, pop and rock. Current hit-making writers and producers include: EricM, Zetan Spore, Little Spitfire, Everett Young, Yahel and Jeff Alford.

Aardvark started life as a local record label handling a variety of Cornwall-based artists. It has since grown into an international label with a network of in-house licensing agents and A&R spread around the globe.  

It continues to rack up a series of music industry firsts. Aardvark was one of the first record labels to use podcasting. It was one of the first label groups to support internet radio. Other firsts include: providing music videos to YouTube, Google Video, Singingfool, ROO TV and a host of other online music video entertainment wesbites; providing full tracks on MySpace, Reverb Nation, Bebo and Last.fm; setting up a blog to share thoughts about music industry developments and news; and using widgets for people to share its music and its videos with their friends. Recent audio content provision deals such as the one struck with the gaming company Audio-Surf and the peer-to-peer driven music sales service People’s Music Store are a continuation of its ethos.    

About World Wide Arts’ Independent Coffee Network
World Wide Arts (WWA) delivers unique, interactive entertainment experiences that capture the imagination and influence the behaviour of consumers in an “on the go”, “on demand” world.

Moving beyond traditional broadcast media and the personal computer, WWA reaches consumers in the world’s finest coffee establishments through their in-store flat screen Network.

WWA aggregates original artistic content in all genres and, using broadband and HD flat screens, delivers the first and only micro Network of original and compelling content to independent coffee store owners.  The ICN brings independent coffee store customers thought provoking, ambient, artistic content from professional content providers.
The result is an innovative digital media platform that entertains and informs millions of consumers while enabling marketers to connect with their customers in new and meaningful ways.

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