Large Corporations Causing Moldy Washing Machines & Clothes By Promoting Overuse Of Liquid Detergen

The totally green, natural washing machine cleaner, Smelly Washer, expresses concern over corporate America’s push of liquid laundry detergent to consumers, which is the leading cause of moldy clothes and unpleasant washing machine smell.
By: Smelly Washer
April 17, 2009 - PRLog -- Minneapolis, MN – Across the country, big corporations are looking to cut costs and increase profits – especially with current economic conditions. Laundry detergent manufacturers are no exception, which is why they frequently and heavily market the overuse of liquid detergent, the least expensive laundry cleaner to produce. Although it is less expensive to produce, liquid detergents and softeners are also the leading cause of moldy clothes and smelly washing machines in homes and businesses.

Mold, which leads to a stinky washing machine, is often created by the over-use of liquid laundry detergent. However, this ‘over-use’ is often due to the instructions on the consumers to use more product than what is actually required to clean clothes effectively.

Smelly Washer, a 100% natural non-toxic washing machine cleaner, recently responded to the growing trend of overusing liquid laundry detergents. “Laundry detergent manufacturers are looking for ways to make more money regardless of what it is costing the consumer. Not only is the consumer unknowingly using more detergent than needed, but by overusing the liquid laundry detergents they are actually creating a moldy environment, which leads to an unpleasant washing machine smell and potential health risks. Luckily, Smelly Washer can help deal with this problem using environmentally friendly cleaners,” says Paul Flynn of Smelly Washer. (

Liquid detergent is much easier to manufacture than its powdered counterpart because of the fillers used in production, as well as the decreased ventilation required for workers in the powdered detergent factories. With the current corporate push towards liquid detergents and fabric softeners, it is sometimes difficult for consumers to even find powdered laundry products at local retailers. In fact, some of the newer, front-loading washers, advertise that only liquids can be used in the machine.

Instead of just enjoying increased profits through marketing laundry cleaning products that are less expensive to manufacture, corporations are also utilizing labeling and packaging designs in the form of “oversized” caps for the measuring of these liquid detergents. This simple marketing technique leads consumers to use more product than necessary. By recommending the use of more detergent than is needed, these corporations are ensuring consumers deplete their bottles more rapidly, and therefore purchase new bottles quicker than actually needed. One extra bottle purchased a year by their current loyal consumers is worth tens of millions of dollars in profits.

Consumer reports organizations have raised major concerns about the over-use of liquid laundry detergent and the health problems that can be caused by excessive use. What is even more alarming to these groups is the growing amount of mold now present in washers. To combat this problem, Smelly Washer specially designed a non-toxic, biodegradable formula to effectively eliminate molds and allergens that may be breading in washing machines from overuse of liquid detergents. This all-natural cleaner, Smelly Washer, is guaranteed to remove washer odor and mildew one capful at a time.

“Consumers like to think that washing machines are a fresh and clean environment, but frankly this is often times not the case. Smelly Washer is an affordable, totally green, natural solution that simply gives consumers that peace of mind that their machine is now ”fresh and clean”. concludes Flynn.

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About Smelly Washer: Natural washing machine cleaner, Smelly Washer (, is an effective and affordable solution to eliminate washing machine smell. One capful of Smelly Washer removes molds, mildews and allergens found in washing machines, helping consumers keep their clothes smelling fresh and appliances odor-free.
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