Moroccan lighting: Moroccan sconces

Saint Tropez Boutique is announcing the release of its newly designed Moroccan contemporary wall sconces, and Moroccan lighting fixtures in April 2009.
By: Scott Cohen
Moroccan sconces
Moroccan sconces
March 11, 2009 - PRLog -- Saint Tropez Boutique, the exclusive manufacturer and dealer of high-end Moroccan contemporary lighting fixtures just lunched a newly designed line of exquisite and modern style Moroccan wall light fixtures
including Moroccan wall sconces.
This new line of Moroccan sconces are designed by Pierre Cohen a French lighting designer who exclusively design contemporary Moroccan lighting fixtures for Saint Tropez Boutique. The new line of contemporary Moroccan wall lamps is called Moroccan Modern Sconces and it has a fusion of Moroccan traditional lighting design with a modern twist. Each Moroccan wall sconce is traditionally handcrafted in Casablanca, Morocco in Saint Tropez Boutique lighting factory located few miles south of Casablanca. Saint Tropez Boutique uses top quality Moroccan solid brass in manufacturing its Moroccan light fixtures. Each Moroccan light fixture is traditionally handcrafted by skilled artisans using ancient and traditional tools and techniques unchanged for so many centuries.

Looking for an interesting way to offer eye-pleasing light? Installing a wall sconce will provide general lighting and complement existing light in almost any room, without taking up precious floor space. Wall sconces -- light fixtures mounted on a wall -- come in a variety of styles and materials which determine the lighting effect they produce. For example, a glass or fabric sconce with an incandescent bulb will typically produce a diffuse light, which is great for general lighting in any room. A metal sconce will allow light to escape only from openings in the metal, which produces a dramatic directed uplight, downlight or both, depending on the fixture used. Sconces featuring halogen or xenon bulbs provide clean, white light, good for applying makeup, for example.

So where are wall sconces used? They are found in many rooms of the house, typically in pairs, such as when the sconces flank a bed or a fireplace. Popular uses include along hallways and staircases. When mounting a wall sconce in a hallway, pay attention to the depth of the fixture to make sure it doesn't impede traffic- sconces designated as "ADA compliant" protrude less than four inches from the wall when installed. For bathroom lighting, a fixture with bright halogen or xenon bulbs is typically used, with either a pair of sconces flanking the bathroom mirror, or a single, horizontally-placed wall light above the main mirror area (if the mirror reaches to the ceiling, many wall sconces can be mounted directly on the mirror).

The wall lights we carry come in such a diverse array of materials, shapes, patterns, colors, wattages, bulbs and price ranges that we are sure to have something to meet your needs. Wonderful Moorish sconces and Moroccan wall sconces creations and lustrous metal finishes mean that you are not only adding light to the room, but a dramatic piece of art on your wall as well.

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