No more YELLING through the House - This Wireless Intercom has a 1000 ft. Range & is Voice Activated

The RWIS Chamberlain Reporter Wireless Home Intercom Kit is a system that does not require a wall power outlet. Each unit works on 4 AA batteries which last for up to one year without ever being turned off. Visit the Home Security Store for more!
March 4, 2009 - PRLog -- There are many reasons why the RWIS - Chamberlain Reporter Wireless Home Intercom Kit Set of 2 is a great system to set-up in your home.  First, there is communication.  Second, there is home security.  Not only can you track your children throughout the house and at times out, but you can also communicate to the kids in the other room if some unwanted person was in the house and they needed to get out.  This system is also ideal for parents who want to use this product as a baby monitor.  Here’s a look at the RWIS - Chamberlain Reporter.

This intercom system has an amazing 1000 feet range which means the intercoms can be placed almost anywhere in your home or small business.  The RWIS - Chamberlain Reporter is fully digital and offers high quality sound and secure connections.  The intercom is wireless and uses a 900 MHz digitally secure radio link between units.  This prevents eavesdroppers from listening in on your conversations.  

Eight batteries are all you need to operate the system.  Advanced digital circuitry allows each intercom to be powered by 4 alkaline AA batteries (sold separately) which can last up to one year without ever being turned off.  The RWIS - Chamberlain Reporter can also run with 2 AC adapters.

With your Chamberlain Reporter, stations can be configured to operate on one of four available channels.  It can then be used in either a push-to-talk mode, conference mode, or a voice-activated monitor mode.  The monitor mode features the most advanced Voice Operated Switch (VOX) which allows you to customize sensitivity settings and avoid unwanted sounds.  This means you can set up a station in your child's room and listen in as to what is going on.  If you want to ask a question and you are in the other room or downstairs all you have to do is talk, no buttons needed.  

Additional intercoms can be purchased to create an unlimited number of intercom stations.  The system has a paging function that allows you to “broadcast” to all of the stations and then speak to the responding station privately.

Uses for this intercom are unlimited. Use it to communicate within places like your home, garage, workshop, between offices, back porch or pool, camping or hunting trips, temporary work areas, nursery, motor home, upstairs/downstairs, and more!  To learn more about the RWIS – Chamberlain Reporter Wireless Home Intercom Kit Set of 2 please go to

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