Global Call For A 24 Hour Moratorium On Fossil Fuel Combustion On September 21

Zero Emissions Day or ZeDay each year marks the worldwide transition from fossil fuels to alternative energy sources with a celebration that everyone can take part in.
By: Sealevel
March 20, 2009 - PRLog -- A grass roots initiative has been launched calling for the world to stop for a day.

ZeDay or Zero Emissions Day asks everyone to follow four simple guidelines:

   1. Don't use or burn oil or gas or coal.
   2. Minimize (or eliminate) the use of electricity generated by oil or gas or coal.
   3. Don't put anyone in harm's way: essential and emergency services operate normally.
   4. Do your best, have fun — enjoy the day!

Zero Emissions Day is an annual event initiated on September 21, 2008.

Participation is voluntary. There are no requirements or barriers to taking part. Everyone on the planet is invited. This is a unique cross-cultural event: there are many and growing indications that Zero Emissions Day observance will be of benefit to everything and everyone in the world.

Zero Emissions Day, by reducing fossil fuel use for 24 hours to the essential, empowers the world to officially celebrate alternative and renewable sources of energy.

ZeDay offers the world both a symbolic and significant reset button. This is how we collectively can stop the runaway train. If you need to be somewhere on September 21, make arrangements to get there the day before.

This is a way for people in communities and neighbourhoods to cluster for open, sincere conversations, a means to engage the present moment directly and reflect on our collective future. ZeDay is about slowing down, designing fun activities for the day, engaging our youth, and supporting each other in abstaining from our habitual tendency to automatically turn things on and start things up.

The September 21 moratorium coincides with The International Day of Peace as established by United Nations resolution, to be observed as a Global Ceasefire and day of peace and nonviolence. The celebration of Zero Emissions Day concurs with and underlines the efforts of militaries throughout the world in this regard.

The Zero Emissions Day invitation is less than a year old. There is really no way to gauge the scope of involvement in the 2008 event, save to say that a third or more of the world's population, are likely participants by default due to lack of access to fossil fuel energy. Many people who have access consciously choose to minimize their consumption. Much of the world has access to electricity from non-fossil fuel sources. And some 400 people from 40 countries around the world registered their support for Zero Emissions Day on Internet social networks in 2008. Without being too optimistic while considering population figures, we may already be almost halfway to realizing the moratorium goal. This message is for the 3 or 4 billion who may not realize they have an option to business as usual on September 21.

Zero Emissions Day as an organization is in the initial stages of forming and recruiting. There are many ways to participate, support and help spread the message. For more information sign up at:

Facebook Group launched March 21, 2008: Zero Emissions Day

Facebook Event: ZeDay - Zero Emissions Day 2008
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