NEW! Wireless Movement and Sound Monitor. If you are a Caregiver, you should have one!

This wireless movement and sound monitor gives you peace of mind. The Deluxe Movement and Sound Monitor keeps track of someone's movements so you can rest.
Monitor Movements and Sound
Monitor Movements and Sound
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Jan. 13, 2009 - PRLog -- The under-the-mattress sensor pad alerts you if no movement is detected for 20 seconds.
The Monitoring Unit has a microphone that relays all noises to the Caretaker's Speaker Unit.

Great for monitoring Elderly or Children.

Comes with 2 portable monitors.

Most monitoring systems only monitor your lovedone's sounds. The Deluxe Movement and Sound Monitor can monitor his or her movements as well. These monitors are for all those that want to be assured that their loved one is all right.

Each set comes with 4 pieces:

(1) Under-the-mattress Sensor Pad

Detects the slightest movements of your loved one, even when they are asleep. If absolutely no movement is detected for 20 seconds, it sends a signal to the Caregiver Unit which sounds a continuous alarm, alerting you to check on them.

(1) Moitoring Unit

Includes the receiver for the movement sensor pad, an alarm and a microphone transmitter that listens for all sounds in the room. There's a soothing nightlight on the top of the unit and a built-in thermometer that displays on the Caregivers Units. Also includes a locator for misplaced Caregiver Units.

(2) Caregiver Units (sound monitors)

Broadcast all sounds in the monitored room via a speaker and visual display to let you know when they wake up, make a sound, speak or if the Sensor Pad alarm goes off.


More Information:
The bed must have a flat bottom or a board under the mattress in order to work properly. The alarm may go off if the person being monitored has significantly changed position. If so, you can reposition the person to place them in the monitor's range again. The Deluxe Movement and Sound Monitor automatically converts to battery power in the event of an electric power failure.

The Caregiver Units are filled with many useful features:

It has a visual display as well as a speaker for the sound monitor.

The broadcast range is approximately 800'.

A series of beeps and an indicator light on the display will notify you if you are out of range.

It displays the temperature in the monitored room.

Each unit has a belt clip on the back so your hands will be free as you move around the house.

Use the vibrate setting if you want quiet alert that there is no movement on the pad.

An optional 'Voice Activation' mode eliminates background humming when your loved one is quiet but alerts you immediately to sounds in the room.

.....and many more!

All the components can be battery operated for travel. Both Units have a low battery indicator and the Room Unit automatically converts to battery power in case of a power outage. (Four "AAA" batteries should be in the Room Monitor at all times in case of power failure.)

Special Notes This product is intended to be used as a reassurance monitor to monitor movement. This product should not be used to prevent or monitor any medical conditions. Monitoring of premature babies, or babies considered to be at risk, those with serious health conditions should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor or health professional.


Dimensions -Sensor Pad: 9 ½" W x 9 ½" L x ½" H

Caregiver units: 5 ¼" H x 2 3/8" W x 1 1/8" D

Room unit: 6 ½" H x 3 ½" W x 2 ½" D

Product Weight- Room Unit: 7 oz with batteries

Sensor Pad: 1 lb 2 oz

Each Caregiver Unit: 6½ oz with batteries

Warranty One Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty

Batteries/Electric Each Caregiver Unit comes with a charging base and a 7.5V AC adapter. These units operate on 4 "AAA" rechargeable batteries. (Eight (8) rechargeable "AAA" batteries are included with purchase.)

Room Monitor: Operates on 7.5V AC adaptor. Also requires 4 "AAA" batteries (not included) for power backup or traveling.

Sensor Pad: Operates on 7.5V AC adapter.

Compatibility (other devices) 8 channel, 900 MHz (Will not interfere with 2.4 GHz cordless phones or wireless networks.)

Professional Ratings Complies with FCC rules.

Customer Comments:

"We have had this monitor for 2.5 years and we absolutely love it!! ........ This monitor put us at ease. We still keep it on all night even though he is in the next room! You will not be disappointed!" J.C., Framingham, MA

"This product is the reason I can sleep at night knowing that it is keeping an eye on my child while she sleeps. We used it on our first child and now on our second. Last night she rolled to the edge of the crib and it went off. Better safe then sorry. I tell all mothers I know (or mom's to be) that they should have one especially if their baby likes to sleep on their belly like my two girls. Hats off to the person or group who invented this safety device for babies." P.R.

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