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Software is Intellectual Property. Highly valuable, it must be protected from unauthorized use in order to ensure new and existing revenue streams. software piracy continues to increase globally. The effects of this increase are devastating.
Jan. 6, 2009 - PRLog -- Not only does software piracy reduce revenues, it also results in less R&D, and in less investment in marketing and channel development. The only way to stop software piracy before it happens is to implement a strong software DRM solution to protect your software from unauthorized use.

The development of UniKey is based on the customers' suggestions together with the market study on software Developers. This new HID technology will definitely added stronger momentum to make UniKey USB Key ahead of other similar products in the market. UniKey is advanced software protection HID hardware USB Key that attaches to USB port of a computer.

UniKey Software Copy Protection
To ensure you get paid for every software copy being used. UniKey creates a robust link between the software application and UniKey Protection hardware Key – preventing software piracy and ensuring authorized use of the software.

During runtime the protected software sends encrypted strings to the protection hardware key (UniKey STD, UniKey PRO and UniKey Time) which decrypts the strings and produces a response that cannot be imitated. If the response from the protection key is correct, the application will run. If the protection key is not present or the response from the key is incorrect, the application will not run.

With so many competing products available in today competitive market, choosing the RIGHT product require proper evaluation and careful evaluation. Below are some of the Tips or consideration criteria of which are very crucial while making such decision:-

Why Chooses UniKey?

1. Driverless dongle, reduces the huge work of technical support team for software vendors.

Close to 90% dongle problems are caused by the dongle driver. Thanks to the HID technology, your operation system will install the UniKey driver automatically.
Software users really enjoy the convenience brought by the driverless technology.

2. Enhanced convenience and Ease-of-use Features dramatically saves enegry.

Numerous sample codes in various languages ease the implementation.
Featuring easy-to-use tools for developers, product managers, order processing and production, UniKey ensures a short learning curve, and optimum use of employee time and core competencies.

3. Outstanding levels of technical support through effective team work.

Unikey technical support team earns the highest rating of customer satisfaction in the industry.
SecuTech’s industry-leading technical support is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is included in all licenses.

4. Envelop is easy and powerful for busy customers

Thanks to the UniKey Enveloper developer team. UniKey protects software without any additional programming work.
The UniKey Enveloper also utilizes anti-debug and anti-dump technologies to prevent it being cracked.
A strong algorithm with a key length of 128-bits encrypts the application protected by the UniKey Enveloper.

5. Unikey has the lowest industry failure rates in the industry which is guaranteed with lifetime warranty.

The low failure rate can be attributed to SecuTech’s responsibility and hardworking.
SecuTech is committed to maintaining its highest quality by achieving the lowest failure rate for the years to come while further reducing cost to keep the advantages for long.

6. On-key clock counts date and time.

With a real time clock inside, UniKey Time allows to pay-per-time, in this way software vendors can completely control the sales by charging the end users timely and periodically.
This function is based on a real time clock deposited in the dongle indicating the specific time (hour, minute, second) and date (day, month, year).

7. OEM enables flexibility of case, label and color.

SecuTech provides the opportunities and facilities to make customer’s own key and software, as well as providing the facilities for OEM casing and labeling.

8. UniKey Lite is the budget solution for low price software.

UniKey Lite is a cost-effective solution for strong Software Copy Protection.
It is ideal for less-complex licensing, without component licensing, and where algorithm is not required.

9. Customization offers clients integration and tailored solutions

SecuTech offers tailored solutions for software vendors who are developing a specific software application on software protection.

SecuTech OEM partners use UniKey hardware components to create their customized products, which they market and sell as their own.

SecuTech is responsive to change request to accommodate new market requirements.

10. UniKey offers superior reliability and an extremely level of security

UniKey reaches maximum Security and flexibility!
It provides the highest level of software copy protection with remote update.
Based on the on-chip encryption engine and 128-bit AES Encryption Algorithm, it implements data encryption and decryption.

UniKey Tips
Easy Solution
•   Driverless technology reduces customers’ support work

•   UniKey Time is with a real time clock inside

•   Both automatic (envelope without source modification) and APIs protection

•   Numerous sample codes in various programming languages

Greater Flexibility
•   Protect software, flash (swf and flv) and video files

•   Protection in local computers or over a network

•   Support all popular operating systems, including Windows, Linux, MacOS and Free BSD

•   Remote update and real time functionality

•   OEM enables flexibility of case, label, and color

A Cost-effective Choice
•   Competitive pricing

•   Experienced and efficient FREE technical support

•   Life time warranty

•   Secure & Flexible Licensing

•   Highest Security

How Do I get Free UniKey evaluation Kit?
If you are interested in evaluating our products, you may request a FREE SDK simply by completing the application form via

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SecuTech UniKey (#1 Driverless (HID) dongle) copy protection products were augmented by the introduction of driverless UniKey Dongles that maintained the same high level of security by means of a small hardware key that fitted into the user's USB port.
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