January 2nd is National Motivation & Inspiration Day

January 2nd of every year is National Motivation & Inspiration Day. It was passed by the United states Congress after the tragic events of 9/11/01 and is committed to assisting Americans and Young Americans to maximize personal development.
By: Kevin L. McCrudden
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January 2nd is National Motivation Day

New York, NY ~  After the tragic events of 9/11/01 Kevin L. McCrudden wanted to do something to have Americans, in particular young Americans focus on the positive things that they could do to make a difference.  McCrudden, President of Motivate America,  lobbied several local Members of Congress to pass a bill naming January 2nd of every year, National Motivation & Inspiration Day©. (H. Res 308 2001)

While it is not considered a “national holiday” and January 2nd is a difficult day for activities, it is a perfect day to “plan your work” and then set into action to “work your plan” through the rest of the year.  Just like most major organizations or businesses, every year there are a new set of “goals and objectives” that need to be met in order to declare “success or failure” at the year-end.   Mr. McCrudden states, “while businesses establish these goals, very few people are good at goal-setting and maximizing personal performance every year.”  McCrudden, the Founder of National Motivation Day continues, “this is especially important for young adults.  Starting out with great behaviors and striving to be the best they can be is critical to lifelong success.”

“At Least You Have Got Your Health” ~ Be Thankful for “The Little Things”

“Right now people are so stressed and under a great deal of financial pressure.  It is critically important to maintain a positive perspective that things will get better.” says McCrudden.  “In a state of fear or anxiety, it is very difficult to be at our best.  Most people “shutdown a little” or are truly afraid that things will get worse.  Unfortunately, there are reminders all around us of people that lose their health or have a health crisis and it is a reminder to the rest of us that while things may seem difficult, they can get worse.” he advised.  National Motivation & Inspiration Day© is also a time for perspective, appreciation and gratitude for the things we have in addition to what we strive to have or want in our lives.

McCrudden recommends that every January 2nd, “Motivation Day,” that each individual sits down and establishes a series of achievable goals in the following categories:  Fitness Goals; Personal Finance Goals; Spiritual / Faith Goals; and Professional Goals.  “There are so many “motivational speakers” and “personal development experts” out there that speak about “goal setting” and “affirmations,” but the reality is that each individual must convince themselves that they want to be “the best they can be” or “self-actualized.” states McCrudden.  “In the absence of “personal accountability” there is very little that I can say or anyone else can say that will “motivate” someone to strive to be “the best they can be.” concludes McCrudden.

I AM AMERICA ~ Personal Accountability

Motivate America launched a “brand” similar to many of the popular causes  such as, the (Red) campaign for AIDS awareness; “Live Strong” the Armstrong Foundation campaign against cancer; or WWJD Bracelets, (What Would Jesus Do) a faith-based campaign about “personal accountability.”

“I AM AMERICA” is also an awareness campaign for “Personal Accountability.”   Motivate America has created T-Shirts, Hats and wrist bands for adults and young adults.  The adult merchandise states, “I AM AMERICA ~ A Patriot for Change™,” while the young adult items say, “I AM AMERICA ~ I AM The FUTURE.”  “2008 has been an amazing year filled with challenges and stress.  It was also filled with inspirational stories and historic changes in America,” states McCrudden.  The genesis of “I AM AMERICA” came to me a few years ago.  It seems that in our national media, as well as in people’s every day life, there is a lot of “finger pointing” and accusations of why other people should be held accountable or are to blame.”  “I AM AMERICA” is about personal accountability.  It’s about people / Americans getting back to what makes America great !  Yes, there are other people that make mistakes and have failings.  The reality is that each of us must take on the responsibility of being the best we can be every day and striving to inspire other people to do the same.” says McCrudden  

Kevin concluded, “There are so many charities and causes out there and they all have different colored ribbons and wrist bands, however, I AM AMERICA is a visible symbol to each other that we all want America to be great again and we can all agree that it isn’t right now.  “I AM AMERICA ~ A Patriot for Change ™” is a simple phrase that reinforces the notion that each and every one of us can make a difference every day in getting America back on its feet.”

Personal Achievement ~ Self-Actualization ~ Maslow’s Hierarchy Revisited

National Motivation & Inspiration Day©  was created to remind us all to set attainable goals and be driven “to be the best we can be” or in Abraham Maslow’s terms, “Self-Actualized.”  In 1943 Maslow created the following model, referred to as “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs” based on his study in behavioral psychology and “Human Motivation.”  His theory and belief was that humans needed to advance beyond each level before they could successfully attain the next.

Maslow’s Hierarchy

In his upcoming book release, which is intended for January 2, 2009, A Users Manual for Young Adults: 7 Secrets to a Successful Start in Life  Mr. McCrudden will be releasing the first significant change or addition to Maslow’s Hierarchy since its creation in 1943.

“I am humbled to even be in the same sentence as Abraham Maslow and frankly my additions to the model is simple “tweaking” that I am sure others have thought of before, just nobody presented it this way.” says McCrudden.   “Maslow’s Hierarchy is typically drawn as a simple one-dimensional model, as shown above.  I have developed a “multi-dimensional model,” because life has multiple dimensions and while you may be “self-actualized” or the best you can be in your physical dimension, that does not mean that you are past the most fundamental levels of physiological or safety in your professional, financial or religious/faith dimension.” explains McCrudden.

“All of this ties together for National Motivation Day on January 2nd, because it is directed at personal development and becoming the best we can be.  Whether it be considered “the Golden rule” and treating each other with respect or watching and listening to men like Dr. Covey, Zig Ziglar or Randy Pausch that have valuable lessons for us all.  Everything we are working toward is the elevation of the human experience and encouraging people to not only expect more of themselves, but to set attainable goals that will continually drive them toward, “self actualization” in all aspects of their lives.” concluded McCrudden.

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Motivate America and National Motivation Day are committed to making a difference in Americans lives and in particular Young Americans by helping them be the best they can be, becoming better every day.
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