The REAL Scrap Catalytic Converter Recycling and Buyers Guide is finally released!

For those who are currently in the business or just starting, consider this guide the “Catalytic Converter Bible”
By: John D
Sample from Catalog
Sample from Catalog
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Nov. 21, 2008 - PRLog -- With the decrease in Market Prices for the precious metals contained in Catalytic Converters (Rhodium, Platinum & Palladium), many "buyers have left the business. Why? Now is the time to make the money! For Example: If you were purchasing Large GM‘s at $140 and selling for $150 when the prices were high and now purchasing the same converter for $40 and selling for $50, you are earning the same $10... the only difference is that now there are many more converters available and there is less output of money to purchase the load.

The Author of this guide is John D and has been in the recycling business for 20 years. He recently retired at the age of 43.

He started in this business buying Used Auto Cores and for the last 5 years, 90% of his business has been Catalytic Converter Recycling. He is not a refiner nor a decanner. He was strictly a buyer! Purchasing from "A" and selling to "B"

The following is an excerpt from his website:

“ I have earned enough money in the last 5 years recycling converters, that it has allowed me to retire early. I am successful in this business because I know all the Tips, Tricks & Secrets that only a handful of us know. Hell, I am the founder of most of them. This is a MULTI Million Dollar a year business!

A friend of mine knew I was retiring. He was interested in getting into the business Part-Time and asked me if I would help. I developed this guide for him so he could utilize my secrets & info. He knew almost NOTHING about Recycling Converters. I gave him this guide approx 2 1/2 months ago and he has already earned $15,000 PART-TIME! He said that I should sell this guide... so here it is!

I am selling a VERY LIMITED SUPPLY of these business packages. This will assure that the market is not swamped and you are guaranteed to be ONLY ONE of TWO people in your state to own one. This will allow you to have the edge you need to dominate your area.”

The Converter photo catalog included in this guide is the most comprehensive & detailed version on the market. There are various high resolution photo’s for each converter covering the front, back, and inside… along with description, TRUE grading and model of vehicle. Use this catalog as a field guide so you know exactly what you are purchasing and keep your buyer or refiner honest.

Also included is a list of the highest paying buyers and refiners in the U.S. and Canada, most can NOT be found searching the internet… various forms and price lists… Tip & Secrets that only a handful of people know.. A 24 hour support number… website template.. etc. It even comes with a  Guarantee!

There are a few "booklets" or "Instructional CD's" that some people post on eBay or CL. They are written by people that have no idea what the business really is about. Most never bought a Converter in their life or if they did, it was through eBay! This guide is designed from 20 years of experience! REAL EXPERIENCE!

Please visit for more info and to purchase this guide or email at:

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