My Life's Fight By Mark Bailey... A Must Read !! 5 Star Rating !!!!! Make You Cry, Laugh And Smile.

This is a 5 star must read book on the life of 2 x black belt hall of famer and world mma champion.. How he was raised to fight, hate and never show any emotions from the age of 5. To becoming the role model he is today... It's a must read book.
July 17, 2008 - PRLog -- My life's fight is a story based on the life of 2 x hall of fame black belt and world mma champion mark Bailey.. It's a sad story of how mark had a very abusive father that made him fight at the age of 6 and never lose.. He was not allowed and emotions.. He was taught to hate all races except the native american indian race.. He grew up with hate, anger and viloence..this led to him ending up in prison and fighting all over the world.. One day mark met a man that led him to god and changed his life for ever...he has learned not to hate and is teaching one of the fourth rated schools in the world.. He is a idiol, hero and role model.. The book is a inspiration to all that you can over come anything in life.. His greatest accomplishent is being inducted into the martial arts black belt hall of fame twice in 2007 and 2008.. He has mastered 7 diferent styles and has come up with his on mixed martial arts style called samboju jitsu.  this style teaches you how to truly defend yourself and how to fight other mma styles in the ring, cage or on the matt.. His current school is ranked 4th in the world.. His next book rage in the cage comes out l.ate in 2008.. Itis a follow up to his fighting carrer..

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Unbelievble book ! a 5 star rating at barnes n nobles.. The book my life's fight by mark bailey is about a man that was made to fight at age 6 and never lose, show no emotions. Ended up in becoming a world champ and hall of fame member blackbelt

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