Healing Properties Of Himalayan Salt In Wellness And Anti-Aging Can Be Experienced By Consumers

In modern spiritual circles, salt is said to enhance good will, elevate moods and diminish negativity. It can assist in dispelling feelings of abandonment and incite initiative and independence.
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July 10, 2008 - PRLog -- Ancient Ocean Salt (http://www.ancientoceansalt.com), A Los Angeles and Chicago manufacturer and distributor of high-end Himalayan halite salt to the retail, restaurant, and industrial markets has announced a special limited time "gift pack" available directly to consumers as part of its conscious living program.

Ancient Ocean's 'Himalayan' crystal salt is more than salt, it is the energy of the primordial sea, the Earth, the Sun and stars. Once sought by Emperors, Kings and Sultans, this salt is more than mere salt, it is a trace mineral supplement, full of essential hard to find ionic minerals in colloidal form and perfectly crystallized into Halite, the inherent original structure of the salt molecule. If it's Himalayan salt and it isn't Halite, it isn't Himalayan salt.
Ancient Ocean's 'Himalayan Crystal Salt deposits come from a strata that is more than 300 million years old, from the primordial thermal ocean. This pre-Cambrian ocean had one sole living organism, the only thing alive on he planet, a halo-philic pink algae that created the first Oxygen on this planet, giving us an atmosphere under which the first multi-celled life on the planet could be born.

Over millions of years this ocean, existing at the early dawn of life, slowly evaporated, making way for the rising sea floor that eventually became the Himalayan Mountains. And so great brine deposits formed. These endless fields of virgin salt sat under the stars for millions of years absorbing cosmic energy until eventually, as they Earth grew, they were covered up and subducted deep under the Asian plate, inside the Earth. In those rare subterranean salt deposits where the tectonic pressure was just perfect, the deposits over eons of time crystallized into lenticular crystal beds that in some places are more than 490 meters (1,600 feet) across. These salt deposits are among some of the hardest to find in the world.

Other 'Himalayan' salts that have been out on the market to this present time, that claim to be the original 'Himalayan' salt, are mere substitutes for the real Halite salt which is Ancient Ocean 'Himalayan' Crystal Salt.

Until now this salt has remained elusive, with only inferior grades making it to the market. In fact, this salt has never before been offered to the modern world, until now.

In modern spiritual circles, salt is said to enhance good will, elevate moods and diminish negativity. It can assist in dispelling feelings of abandonment and incite initiative and independence. Salt can also help the user deal with unforeseen events and allows one to draw on experiences, sometimes from past lives, to deal with today’s problems. Halite Salt stimulates the acupressure/acupuncture meridians and can be used to preserve them as well. It can be used to treat disorders of the colon and lower intestinal tract. Halite also augments strength during physical activities. It should not be placed on the abdominal area during pregnancy, but can be used in any other area. When an indigo blue inclusion occurs within a halite crystal, it is especially useful for Pisces. Indigo halite encourages psychic powers, mysticism, and intuition. It is useful in treating disorders of the thalamus, thymus, and thyroid. The pink to cranberry form of halite is especially good when working with the heart chakra. Pink Halite's energy activates cleansing on the physical and emotional level. The energy is similar to Rose Quartz but has a much stronger cleansing effect on our tissues. It has a peaceful calming energy that uplifts the heart and helps to eradicate emotional "noise."

It helps to release emotional attachments to others, particularly where relationships have ended without appropriate communication or 'closure'. It is also an excellent stone for self-love. It is a stone of clarity, dispersing 'foggy thinking', confusion deception and doubt. It is a good stone to keep on one's desk. Bathing in water where Pink Halite has been dissolved in is a lovely and therapeutic experience. It is superior to sea salt cleansing. Only a small amount is required to produce full etheric cleansing.

For anyone that craves the pure primordial spark of life, they should try Ancient Ocean's Himalayan Salt products today and see all the health benefits that can be derived from it!
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