Phplinkdirectory Announces A New Free Directory Script Version

The most popular web directory script launches version 2.2.0, a new free directory script version, featuring improved anti-spam filters, bug fixes and more.
By: phpLinkDirectory
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July 8, 2008 - PRLog -- phpLinkDirectory launches phpLD version 2.2.0, a new free directory script.

Since its beginning in 2002, phpLD has been used on nearly 100,000 websites and growing. Because of this the number of free user modules and templates is simply astonishing.

Here are some changes for this version :

1.  People were sometime getting false positives about "link already exists", and a fix has been applied to stop this from happening falsely
2. An improvement was made to the payment system to prevent a possible spoofing attack.
3. Additional checks were added to prevent remote submissions (spam). In constants.php you can check to allow empty user agents or not. We advise "not".
4. Fix for alphabetical sorting
5. There has been an improvement to pagerank checking, and you will find it works on many more servers now! files changed submit.php index.php payment.php init.php /include/constants.php /include/functions.php /include/pagerank.php Files added /include/check_post_rules.php /include/client_info.php To update a modded version of phpLD use a program like winmerge to compare and copy over changes to the files listed as changed if using a non moded directory simply upload all files except for /include/config.php

Additionally, there is an "end of life" announcement for all previous releases of version 2, the free version. As of August 1, 2008, we will no longer be providing support for older versions of version 2.It is very easy to update to the latest version, and we will provide help with update related questions past August 1, but will require the upgrade before providing help. This is both helpful for to keep our support costs reasonable, and free us up to continue developing the product, and it also helpful to you, because you will have the most stable version.

All in all, this latest release is most stable release ever of our free directory script which has been in continuous support and development since 2002, having been tested nearly 100,000 sites. We want to again thank you for your interest in our product, and look forward to seeing what you have done with it. It is people like you that have an idea, and use phpLD to accomplish it that has made phpLD a success. Hopefully, we will see you in the forums soon showing off your new phpLD site!

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