Time Starved Animal Lovers Look to Technology to Aid in Proper Care of Pets and Animals.

Pet lovers spending more time away from home in pursuit of careers or at jobs are turning to automated pet feeders to fill the gap in pet care. A new universal pet feeder is now available to better address the wide variety of pet care needs.
June 30, 2008 - PRLog -- Animal lovers today are being pressed by the fast pace of life for adequate time to properly care for their pets and animals.  Pet owners are spending more time away from home in pursuit of careers or just to make ends meet and often resort to leaving more food available for their pets when they are gone longer.  Veterinarians agree that allowing pets free access to large amounts of food leads to overeating and subsequent digestive and health problems.  They recommend pets be fed in smaller amounts several times a day.  Following this preferred feeding routine leaves pet owners with just a few options.

One common route is to beg family, friends, or neighbors to watch after their pets. This often lands the pet owner in the NFL club (No Friends Left), as their friends get burned out from this chore.  Another option it to turn to automated devices to feed their pets in a healthy way.  Generally, these automated pet feeders are designed for specific types and sizes of pets, usually cats and dogs.  There is little else available beyond these types of feeders that will feed other types of pets such as ducks, chickens, pigs, sheep or even horses or exotic pets, without resorting to large expensive commercial livestock feeders.  Since most pet owners are not in the livestock business, their budgets do not allow for these more expensive units. There is a growing demand for an “in-between” type of universal pet and animal feeder that can feed the smallest to the largest pet.  The automated pet feeder industry has not responded to that demand, until now.

Horizon Design & MFG LLC, of Gilbert, Arizona, USA, has created such a universal pet and animal feeder.  The Git’Um Fed Automated Animal Feeder is simple in design and function, yet can meet numerous pet and animal feeding circumstances with the basic unit that is available.  With the addition of optional accessories, the versatility of the Git’Um Fed Automated Animal Feeder is increased to meet a wide variety of unique feeding challenges.  The unit can be free standing, mounted on a wall, fence or even a tree, and can even deliver food through partitions such as walls, fences, or barriers to a feeding trough or tub on the other side.

At the core of the Git’Um Fed Automated Animal Feeder’s dependability is its patented semi-floating auger delivery system which assures the consistent delivery of a wide variety of food types and sizes.  The fully programmable control system has the ability to dispense food up to eight times a day and to control the amount dispensed each time.  It operates very quietly and has an extra large storage capacity which can be expand with the appropriate accessories.

Customer response to the Git’Um Fed Automated Animal Feeder has been very positive.  Testimonials of real-life applications illustrate its successful adaptation to a variety of animal feeding situations faced by many pet and animal owners.

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Horizon Design & MFG, LLC is small design and manufacturing firm dedicated to finding simple and innovative technological solutions to problems found in everyday living. The first and foremost key to our success is imagination.

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