Tibetan Buddhist Enlightenment comes to Salt Lake City X Mormons

NEW AGE GUERILLA MARKETING: When the going gets tough the tough go to Salt Lake City. Here is how a very unlikely discovery of interest in Tibetan Culture has begun to flower in the traditionally conservative Utah Mormon enclave. Creative marketing !
April 18, 2008 - PRLog -- Who would have thought that the isolated Mormon center of Salt Lake City would have a thriving interest in Tibetan Buddhism. Surprise, it is not only interested in Buddhism, but passionate about all kinds of Eastern Spirituality and Meditation. That what THE HIMALAYAN TRADERS (www.himalayantraders.com) discovered after traversing that vast great salt plain between California and Utah. Why would we go to such an out of the way place to offer TIBETAN SACRED & RITUAL OBJECTS? Here's why:

The most common saying in California is: “Been there - Done that”. It’s a progressive state and a great forum for our alternative spirituality products. THE HIMALAYAN TRADERS (www.himalayantraders.com) are wholesale suppliers of Tibetan Metaphysical Ritual Object. We specialize in Buddhist Meditation item from Singing Bowls for Sound Meditation to Incense that invokes the Deities benevolence. Pretty weird, huh? Well, we also cater to the taste of antique collectors with Tibetan masks and Spiritual fashion with Sacred Symbol Jewelry. Perfect for California,..... Right?

The answer is yes & no. Yes, our customer base is here, but so is all of our competition. Whatever kind of marketing strategy you have has been done by dozens like you. Enter the Mormon city of Salt Lake. We have been doing cross country sales trips for 15 year to dive deep into the heartland, but more and more we are focusing on that lonely oasis in the center of Utah.

Salt Lake City has turned out to be amazingly progressive. It is now only 60% Mormons compared with 90% a few years back. And guess what? Relatively few people offering Tibetan Buddhist items are present to compete with us.

It’s a pleasant working environment too with great alternative hip spiritual shops. Good restaurants, trees, wide streets, and green lawns. It is hardly like working in an urban area. Feel like a big neighborhood actually. There are some great restaurants and it’s inexpensive to stay there. We also enjoy the relatively low crime rate and friendly atmosphere.

Unexpectedly, we found a pretty receptive group of New Age and Alternative people in Salt Lake City eager to explore the exotic world of Tibetan Cultural items that we offer. After banging on doors in California for 15 years it was nice to feel like our offering was new and significant.

We’ll be going back to Salt Lake City semi annually to open more accounts. Great people and great place open to THE HIMALAYAN TRADER taste of Eastern Religion and  Spirituality. Come see us at www.himalayantraders.com

TASHI DELEK (Good Luck in Tibetan)


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The Himalayan Traders is from the 'Small Is Beautiful' lifestyle philosophy. In Buddhist thought, Right Livelihood is considered essential for the layman's spiritual path. As a Buddhist layperson, I have tried to embody this ideal through The Himalayan Traders. We specialize in TIBETAN CULTURAL ITEMS. For over 15 years we have traversed the Himalayas from Kathmandu,Nepal to Lhasa, Tibet to find unique and rare items associate with this magnificent spiritual ethnic group.

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