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Home inventory is an idea that is catching on as smart consumers begin to understand the importance of documenting one's personal assets.
By: Lana Thomas
March 31, 2008 - PRLog -- Higher Insurance Claims Paid with Home Inventory Documentation
By Lana Thomas, M.S.

A home inventory service business is not a brand new idea but is gaining ground in the service industry as the public begins to understand the value of documenting its assets. Just as the practice of home inspection has become standard before purchasing a home, it won’t be long before every home and small  business owner has a complete inventory of its assets.

Insurance agents and financial planners recommend that their clients (for their own protection) keep a detailed inventory of everything in the home or small business. The Home Inventory serves a dual purpose: first to ensure that adequate coverage exists and second to ensure a fair, accurate, and timely insurance claim disposition.

Recent natural disasters and media attention have made both home and small business owners realize how important it is to document assets to maximize insurance coverage and simplify claims. It is unfortunate that it took an event such as Katrina to make people realize how important it is to have adequate insurance protection.

In addition, with 1.6 million fires reported in the U.S. last year according to the U.S. Fire Administration, property loss is an unfortunate reality. Even if a home or business owner has insurance, oftentimes there will be a dispute with the insurance company over the amount of compensation deserved — which can result in delays and unfair  compensation.

Unfortunately, most people believe if they have insured the contents of their home for a certain amount of money, that is exactly what they will be paid by the insurance company should disaster strike. Sadly, this is far from true. Clients are only reimbursed for lost articles they can prove existed and for articles they can establish the real value of in the claim filed.  In other words, just because a person has $150,000 in insurance to cover your personal items does not mean he or she will be paid $150,000. In fact, possibly far from it if the person does not have a list of the property owned prior to the disaster.  

People owe it to themselves to investigate the importance of a Home Inventory. Private entrepreneurial offices are cropping up all over the USA and this valuable service is growing rapidly in popularity. It makes good sound financial sense to secure all that one has worked so hard to attain by having a Home Inventory performed. If you have questions or want to ask about a home inventory-More information is available at the website and toll free number listed below.

AmbiCorp Home Inventory Service
Lana Thomas M.S. Health Psychologist/Environmentalist
Home Inventory Specialist

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Our Mission is to help others understand the significance of documenting one's personal assets for insurance claim purposes for without proof the claimant will not get paid.

Home Inventory Specialists.come into your home, collect the data, enter into a software program that becomes yours to own and secures the  information for future use and claim information should proof ever be required to receive compensation for losses.

Website: www.ambicorp.net
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