Longest Word in the World Contains Over Two Million Letters

Writer Nigel Tomm publishes the tenth volume of his world's longest novel -- 'The Blah Story.' Nothing official about it, but the tenth volume encloses the world's longest word which contains 2,087,214 letters.
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March 24, 2008 - PRLog -- Writer/artist/director Nigel Tomm releases the tenth volume of his world's longest published novel 'The Blah Story.' Ten volumes of 'The Blah Story' contain 3,277,227 words; 18,308,104 characters (with spaces); 7312 pages. It is the longest published novel in English literature/language.

Also 'The Blah Story, Volume 10' encloses the world's longest word which contains 2,087,214 letters. The ultra long word was created using very simple algorithm. Nigel Tomm joyfully explains an algorithm of building his extra size word: "Fuse separate words together no matter how cool you think they look singly."

To clarify the algorithm lets find out how the first 25 characters of the word are created.

Firstly, Nigel Tomm takes a word "baby." The word "baby" has the last letter "y," so Tomm adds to the word "baby" a word which has the first letter "y," he chooses a word "you," and gets the word "babyou." Symbolically it can be written

baby+(y)ou= babyou.

New word "babyou" has the last letter is "u," so Tomm must add a word which begins with a letter "u," and he chooses "ubiquitous." Now, he gets a new word "babyoubiquitous." Symbolically it could be written as

baby+(y)ou+(u)biquitous= babyoubiquitous

Applying this algorithm one more time we get:

baby+(y)oubiquitous+(s)eadog= babyoubiquitouseadog


baby+(y)oubiquitous+(s)eadog+(g)ab= babyoubiquitouseadogab,


baby+(y)oubiquitous+(s)eadog+(g)ab+(b)lah= babyoubiquitouseadogablah,

and so on. This algorithm was applied to get the word which is 2,087,214 letters long and occupies 728 pages.

Other world's longest words are: methionylthreonylthreonyl...isoleucine (189,819  letters; it is largest known protein), lopado...pterygon (183 letters; it is a fictional dish mentioned in Aristophanes' comedy 'Assemblywomen'), Taumatawha...tanatahu (85 letters; it is a place name), pneumo...iosis (45 letters; it is a lung disease, this is also longest word in a major dictionary).

'The Blah Story' will probably go down in history as Nigel Tomm's masterpiece. And deservedly so. In 'The Blah Story' Nigel Tomm introduces literary phase-shifting, i.e., allowing nearly identical phrases at slightly differing lengths to repeat and slowly go out of phase with each other. Also algorithmic literature's and fractal literature's methods are extensively used.

Some 'The Blah Story' trivia facts: 'The Blah Story, Volume 4' contains the world's longest sentence in English (469,375 words or 2,273,551 characters [with spaces]; 732 pages); 'The Blah Story, Volume 8' contains world's longest poem in English (98,728 words; 449,441 characters [with spaces]; 23,161 lines; 728 pages).

Nigel Tomm is known for developing and extending literary remix (also known as literature remix or remixed literature) genre in his previous works: 'Shakespeare's Sonnets Remixed' (2006), 'Shakespeare's Hamlet Remixed' (2007) and 'Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet Remixed' (2007).

Nigel Tomm is also known as a film director. His five films 'Hamlet,' 'Oedipus Rex,' 'The Brothers Karamazov,' 'Waiting for Godot' and 'The Catcher in the Rye' explore and demolish new absurdism genre. Probably they are one of the most intense, the most radical, the most innovative manifestation of the freedom of thought, of expression and of creation, as usual, Nigel Tomm keeps on top of the shape of drama to come.

'The Blah Story, Volume 10' is available at Amazon.com:

Website: www.nigeltomm.com

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