Doctors Find Venting Your Stress Increases Life Expectancy on average by 10 Years

Doctors in new york have found that people who vent their anger at websites like the land of the banned have an incresed life expectancy of 5 to 15 years.
By: Dr Megna
Feb. 27, 2008 - PRLog -- A new study conducted over the last 5 years has found websites like that allow venting of problems increase life expectancy .

Members of the forums were shocked to find that they would live longer then the average person.

"The stress relived by venting your anger has a significant effect on life expectancy " Dr Dizzy said. " is one of those places , where like video games the land of the banned has the power to increase your life expectancy by lowering stress which is seen to be the major cause of cancer ".

the website or allows members to fight, say whatever they want to each other and help relive stress in the same way meditation or video games can.

A long term member of the site Jared has said  has not only helped him improve his help but also keep him more fit , healthy and also sexually satisfy his partner more.

"Stress is a major cause of all illness , and a place like is perfect to help vent it" Dr Dizzy has claimed in a recent journal entry.

More news as it develops however if you have high blood pressure,cholesterol,sexual dysfunction or stress and don't want but don't believe you need to see a doctor the land of the banned at and forums where you can vent your frustrations at should be visited .

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