Internet Conflict With Scientology Expands

Anonymous continues its worldwide humanitarian efforts against the Church of Scientology.
Jan. 27, 2008 - PRLog -- CLEARWATER, Florida - Anonymous commenced another wide-ranging initiative against the Church of Scientology yesterday as part of its larger "War on Scientology" campaign. The new initiative emphasized personal involvement and education. To usher in the new plan, Anonymous introduced a new website intended to distribute information critical of the Church.[1]

In addition, a new video with the same robotic voice and surreal imagery as the original video was released.[2] It indicated that on the tenth of February, Anonymous plans to undertake non-violent, real-world action against the Church at eleven o'clock in each time zone. This is not the first time members of Anonymous have united to physically act against the Church of Scientology. In the past two weeks, Anonymous individuals rallied around Scientology churches, protesting against the organization's transgressions (most notably their abuse of basic human rights) and informing the general public.

Continuing the efforts of the many people who have sought to expose the Church,[3] Anonymous acquired and compiled a number of "secret" documents and archived them on its new website for public consumption.[4] Statements from Anonymous encouraged both the public at large and Scientologists not privy to this information to peruse it for their own education and benefit. They asserted that the general public equipped with the Church's own manuals and data would be able to make more informed decisions regarding the ostensible "church." Anonymous believes many will realize the dichotomy between what the Church of Scientology's public relations department proliferates and the truth.

Recently, Anonymous caught the attention of news networks such as Fox News,[5] KNBC,[6] and Sky News.[7] Their message spread to popular social media sites, such as Digg,[8] Reddit,[9] and Slashdot.[10] On these appearances, a member of Anonymous was quoted as saying: "There are several misconceptions regarding who we are and why we act in certain ways. We are not merely a small clique of 'super hackers,' as some portray us, but a collective of individuals from all walks of life."

The Church of Scientology is a pseudo-religious organization, primarily operating in the U.S., that is often accused of racketeering[11] and fraud.[12] A number of court cases have been filed against the Church of Scientology in its history, including USA vs. Mary Sue Hubbard, where the wife of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard was convicted of conspiracy against the government of the United States.[13] The Church has also been implicated in several deaths due to neglect or malice,[14] such as Lisa McPherson's reported death in the custody of the Church. Controversial policies it espouses include forced abortions[15] and brainwashing.[16] It has historically attempted to silence and harass its opponents, as in Operation Freakout,[17] a church campaign targeting Paulette Cooper,[18] author of The Scandal of Scientology.[19]



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About Anonymous:

Anonymous is a leaderless, worldwide group of individuals, activists, hackers, and other participants. Their intention is to dismantle the Church of Scientology. Their attacks are not aimed at individuals, nor Scientology as a system of beliefs, but at a criminal organization that operates under the pretense of a religion.


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