The Dawn of the Age of Aquarius - The Planetary Alignment and the Famous Song Harmonise!

The famous song "Aquarius" from the musical "Hair" declares when the Age of Aquarius will begin. Those conditions are now fulfilled. A planetary line-up at the last full moon of 2007 provides more evidence that the Aquarian Age begins this year!
Dec. 17, 2007 - PRLog -- The Aquarian Age - YEAR 1!

The Age of Aquarius - The song "Aquarius" begins ...

"When the moon is in the Seventh House
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars"

"When the moon is in the Seventh House":

This year, in late December 2007, when the sun is entering the sign of Capricorn the moon will be entering the seventh solar house from the sixth solar house, opposite Capricorn, in the moon's own sign of Cancer. When the moon is entering the seventh solar house there is a full moon, as the Sun and Moon are on opposite sides, but are aligned with each other.

"And Jupiter aligns with Mars":

At the same time there will be an alignment of Jupiter and Mars. Mars will be conjunct with the moon in Cancer and Jupiter will be conjunct with the Sun in Capricorn. This means that the Sun and Jupiter and the Moon and Mars will all be aligned, with the Moon in the seventh house, in the sign of Cancer which she rules.

The planets will be just as in the song which then proclaims the Age of Aquarius:

"This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius
The Age of Aquarius

At the same time the Moon’s node axis, known as the "Axis of Fate", is on the cusp of Pisces and Aquarius and about to enter the sign of Aquarius.

And another very important conjunction, which peaked nearer the time of the new moon, is still in force - that is the conjunction of Pluto and Jupiter, and Pluto is the planet of transformation!

Mercury, the messenger of the gods, will also be a part of this planetary line-up. A gathering of the gods!

At the same time, Neptune is in the sign of Aquarius - Neptune is the planet of imagination, ideas and intuition, and Neptune expresses the connectedness of all life.

And in the first two to three months of the New Year there will be a strong Aquarian influence, including a conjunction of the Sun, Moon, Neptune, Mercury in Aquarius, and Venus, too, as an aspect with the Sun is allowed five degrees of arc. And this will all happen while the nodes, the "axis of fate" (which is also known as the dragon!), is in Aquarius.

Astrology is based upon synchronicity, not deterministic causality, on sympathy, not action. The signs of a transformation from one age of humanity to another can be found elsewhere, in the universe that we do not see through the eyes of logic and reason (the male principle, yang, or "The Pillar of Joachim") but through the creative intuitive female principle, the dark side ("The Pillar of Boaz").

Carl Jung, the great founder of modern psychology, the psychology of meaning, described the principle of Synchronicity as "an acausal connecting principle'' and "meaningful coincidence" or "acausal parallelism". He described this principle in his paper "Synchronicity — An Acausal Connecting Principle" which he co-published with a paper by Nobel prize winning physicist Wolfgang Pauli, thus suggesting the complementary nature of synchronicity and physics. In his paper he even demonstrated how synchronicity can be used as a means of healing.

Just as transformation takes place on cultural and unconscious levels, which are invisible until the transformation becomes manifest, it also takes place on the dark side of the cosmos, as well as through the light side. That scientists shrink back from studying the uncontrollable dark side of nature does not mean that it does not exist. It only means that science has a blind side when it comes to studying nature!

More on the birth of the Age of Aquarius: A dark-side scientific paper ...   ... which is also free to publish!

From: matriarchyVnow

Written by Elizabeth Jane

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matriarchyVnow is a grass roots movement dedicated to freedom, matriarchy and other Aquarian principles for society.  The "V" in matriarchyVnow may stand for Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, or for five, the number of freedom among other meanings. The "now" in  matriarchyVnow declares that we are living at the beginning of a matriarchal age. One main tenet of matriarchyVnow is that 2007 is 1BR, or the first year of the Age of Aquarius, an age of freedom, and that freedom comes from below.


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