World's smallest mini pc, car pc, thin client, mobile DVR.

SD-Omega has now launched 100 models of World's smallest mini pc, car pc, thin client, mobile DVR.
By: Leo Chen
Aug. 22, 2007 - PRLog -- SD-Omega Electronics Industry CO., Ltd has now launched the SD-Omega Mini-PC Range(mini pc, car pc and mobile DVR), available in more than 100 different models, each using unique cooling design to reduce noise and maximize performance.

This Small Form Factor PC, unusually uses standard desktop components, including 3.5inch 7200rpm IDE hard drive, Intel Pentium 4 2.8 Ghz CPU and DDR400/333 RAM, it offers all the power of a fully loaded PC at a fraction of the size.

Available in Black the measures just 5.75 x 9.85 x 1.70 inches, weighs in at less than 2.5kg, especially impressive when you consider it only has one CPU fan making it virtually silent.

The whole aluminium case acts as a heatsink, so size has been maximised to also include 100 different build options:-
WiFi connection, TV-OUT, 3 / 4 Serial Ports, 4 x 1GB Ethernet port, 4 x CCTV or PCMCIA slot, SPDIF and so on. This machine has multiple applications for multiple markets.

With comparable PC, measuring 20 x 16 x 8 inches and weighing a hefty 15kg, users can expect increased space, portability and a smarter design alternative with our latest offering.

Also using 95% less power than your average PC, inspired by Formula One technology this is the real alternative to the old Grey Box standard PC.

Many corporate and home users alike have recognized the need to streamline their office environments; with space at a premium we offer a real solution at the desktop.

With many people increasingly working from home there is no reason why PC technology should be a cumbersome addition to your environment.

With the availability of sleek entertainment systems designed to enhance your home, why compromise on I.T?

For those who want to combine power with a sleek space-saving design, this desktop with a difference will fulfil your needs and exceed your expectations.

Supplied with many ports and features which you would not even see as standard in a normal PC system 6 times its size .

The specifications are truly staggering. So now you can finally say goodbye to the ugly bulky and noisy grey box under your desk.

Technical notes:

With specialist expertise in heat dissipation we have incorporated the Intel Chipset with onboard Intel Extreme Graphics 2 as well as Pentium 4 Hyper-Threading Technology onto an integrated solution.

Thus maximising the performance of this tiny Desktop replacement beyond 2.8 Ghz, eradicating bottlenecks and incompatibility issues caused in standard PC, by removing the need to use third party expansion cards.

This provides even higher levels of throughput, creativity and productivity - No mean feet for a machine of this size.

You can now multitask more efficiently when you run demanding applications at the same time. Based on Intel, NetBurst, microarchitecture and built with 0.13-micron technology, the latest Pentium 4 integrated solutions deliver significant performance gains for use in home business and gaming solutions surpassing your processing needs.

Devices coming standard on these machines include:

Full Duplex 3D Stereo sound with optional SPDIF for digital Hi-fi connection.

64 MB Video RAM, 3 x USB 2.0 ports (40 times faster peripheral connection) also backward compatible for all your old tired peripherals.

Firewire 1394 port at 400 Mb/s for real-time digital viewing and editing as well as high speed networking .

The technical specs and cooling are amazing and although not intended as a Gaming machine, we have been pleasantly surprised by this little beast capabilities.


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