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Political left and right battle over Immigration bill at expense of homeland and border security. They're throwing out the baby with the bathwater and America will lose.
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June 14, 2007 - PRLog -- The political right says Senate Bill 1348, Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill of 2007, gives illegals amnesty. It says the same thing will happen for 12 million illegals now as did in 1986, and spark an even bigger immigration flow. The right is right - and wrong.
The political left says SB 1348 will adversely affect families of illegals by creating a point system based on skills and education; and that it will create a national ID card. The left is right - and wrong.
"Both the left and right are working for political gain at the direct expense of America's homeland security and border security," states Jeff Hohlstein, editor of Paul Revere Rides, "Let me explain.
"First, the right. They say that there can be no amnesty because that will spark another wave of illegals as the 1986 amnesty did. This is simply not true. SB 1348 as crafted has tough border security sanctions that must be fully implemented before the guest worker part of the bill is allowed to start. Those illegals already here will pay a substantial price to stay.
"Title III, Section 301 of SB 1348 mandates among other things, mandatory phase-in of the Real ID Act of 2005 in all fifty states and our possessions. Real ID creates a drivers license that is as tough to counterfeit as a $100 bill. It, along with its tracking data base are essential to controlling our borders and keeping track of immigrants that haven't earned a permanent right to stay in our country. Without Real ID, terrorists are free to enter and move about the country almost at will."
The reason the Immigration Act of 1986 didn't work is it is largely unenforceable. It mandates employers' use of identification documents that are easily forgeable and sparked an explosive growth of counterfeiters to produce these documents. It made employers' use of better verification tools like "Basic Pilot" optional. It had no teeth.
"The same thing will happen with Real ID," continues Jeff, "Its use is optional and so far fifteen states have 'opted out.' SB 1348 is the only bill with real teeth - saber teeth - because it mandates Real ID's use. And this is the left's dirty secret. They're calling Real ID a national ID card and they want to get red of it."
Of course, if the current border security provisions do get watered down, then the illegal immigration problem will continue. And terrorists will have the same freedoms to enter and move about our country as they do now.
Finally, Jeff's viewpoint on the immigration bill, "I don't like it. It's full of compromise but the security provisions are absolutely needed for our country's homeland security and border security. Therefore, I recommend that we revive SB 1348 and make our Senators and Representatives work until they can get a version that passes, one that has no compromise in the Title III, Section 301 requirements. There is a much better description at the article titled "Revive and pass SB 1348 - it's imperative!" at" it's worth a read."

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