EDC Teams With In Touch Media Group.

EDC, in conjunction with ITMG have launched PromoBlackBox. PBB is a collection of proprietary business marketing software coupled with live marketing training to teach small/medium sized business owners how to market online.
May 6, 2007 - PRLog -- Have You Seen What EDC is Doing?

Craig Garcia and Michael Corcoran, co-founders of Easy Daily Cash have partnered with In touch Media Group. This cooperative venture has resulted in the creation of PromoBlackBox.

Easy Daily Cash (EDC), a premier internet business opportunity was established in February 2006 by Craig Garcia and Michael Corcoran. The company’s basic philosophy of over-delivering in terms of distributor training and tools as well as the hands on approach of the co-founders are examples of what sets this business opportunity apart from the rest.

With numerous years of experience in internet business and marketing as well as offline business, Mr. Garcia and Mr. Corcoran are well equipped to understand and react to the ever changing nature of online business.

Mr. Corcoran is the creator of another highly successful internet business called ReferralWare. Mr. Corcoran built ReferralWare from the ground up, turning it into a multi-million dollar company. Her retired from ReferralWare to get some well deserved rest. Not being one to be idle for very long however, he returned to internet business.

Mr. Garcia has 12 years of business experience, both traditional offline “brick and mortar” as well as online. He is also touted as among the best trainers in the industry.

The two men met through ReferralWare where they soon became friends. It seemed only natural then, that a few years later they would come to create Easy Daily Cash.

What these men have accomplished in a short fourteen months is nothing short of miraculous.
For example; February 2006 – launch of Easy Daily Cash and Your New Fortune. Your New Fortune is a highly affordable, scaled down version of EDC.
December 2006 – launch of EDC Gold (the flagship business opportunity) and the launch of the ‘Dubbs’ marketing site.
April 2007 – launch of the EDC marketing site, update to the ‘Dubbs’ marketing site and updates to Your New Fortune.
May 2007 – launch of PromoBlackBox.

PromoBlackBox is a unique product that is designed to assist the millions of small to medium sized business owners that are searching for ways to educate themselves and become more proficient in internet marketing. Most business owners understand the need to have an online presence, but they lack the knowledge and expertise to effectively market themselves. PromoBlackBox is a collection of specifically jujmg created software tools, marketing advice and access to twice weekly live, interactive training webinars all designed to teach business owners how to become effective marketers and increase their sales.

The proprietary software in PromoBlackBox was created by Bob Cefail (CEO) and his team at In Touch Media Group. ITMG is the leader in search engine marketing. They are responsible for “Search Chameleon” and “Sales Scout”. Both are only available with a PromoBlackBox subscription.

As part of their on-going commitment to their members, Mr. Garcia and Mr. Corcoran have added PromoBlackBox to the portfolios of all current EDC members at all levels. This addition was made with no extra charges to members. All new members, regardless of entry level will also receive PromoBlackBox at no extra charge.

For more information about PromoBlackBox, please visit http://succeedwithedc.com. Then attend the live "5 Things Google Doesn't Want You To Know" webinar held on Mondays at noon EST.
Go to http://promoblackboxtraining.com and use your name as the user name and “guest” as the password. Be sure to use a computer that has speakers!

For more information about EDC, please visit http://agr8biz4u.com.

Ann Armitage is a fully qualified EDC member and has been an online business entrepreneur/info-preneur since April 2005.

Website: succeedwithedc.com

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