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Fuel Prices keep rising! What are you waiting for? For Hundreds of dollars there is a proven solution available TODAY! Trucking can save Thousands! How has the American Pollution Reduction Act benefitted Transportation? The ECOFuelMax website shares Low Cost proven solutions.
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866 374 0002
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - May 21, 2024 - PRLog -- Many Politicians promote raising fuel costs. The excessive cost of diesel fuel used in commercial transport is a leading cause of inflation.

Two proven options to Saving Operating Costs and Downtime are:

1. Utilizing the principle of Electrolysis/Electrostatic Energy. For Hundreds of Dollars
the ECO Fuel Filter/Enhancer is Guaranteed to help fuel burn cleaner (+/-
70%) and more combustible, SAVE Money! Trucks Saving Money!

2. Cobra Clean to the Rescue – ECOFuelMax, Cobra Clean is a lifesaver! Now you can clean your DPF's, EGR, DOC's & SCR filters in house without damaging Heat saving thousands of dollars. Cobra Clean is a low cost; Non Acidic, Non Toxic, liquid cleaning solution that melts ash & soot trapped in Filters. It's easy to use, soak a Filter for 24 hours, rinse in a wash rack with tap water. A DPF can be cleaned without damaging heat (+/-$85), Filters have been cleaned +/-8 times. SAVE Money!

The ECO Fuel System is a CARB Approved BBB A+ Company for 15+ years. The question Truckers have is does it work (reviews and references)? Try it on your vehicle(s) (Diesel or Gas). No Risk. All ECO Fuel Systems have a 90 day money back Guarantee; don't like it for any reason return it undamaged for a full refund. Go Online and Call today to do your own test.


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